Week 25: Father's Day and Window to the Soul

So today is Father's Day.  Some people have really good Dad's and I am blessed to have, in my opinion, one of the best.  As I sit here writing this post, I have this memory of my Dad's workbench.  It was on these work benches that we would build models, or model rockets, work on electronic projects, and even watch as Dad fixed stuff.  Looking at all the tools at the time I couldn't name half of them.  Of course now I work with my hands and most of those tools.  I thought of this yesterday as I was working on a shed for Rebecca.  As I did various tasks it dawned on me that I had watched and learned from my Dad the various things I did.  It was my Dad who gave me my eye for detail.  Last summer I got the honor of working with my Dad on a small wood project.  It was nothing fancy, but it was the fact that I was doing a project with my Dad that was so special.  

And as I sit here and reflect, I think of the spiritual journey I am on and how my Dad has always encouraged me with his wisdom.  I tell anyone who will listen that he is a spiritual mentor for me.  I was never forced to believe what Dad did, nor was I pushed in any direction.  Dad has always encouraged me to think and study for myself.  Always open for questions, he has challenged me at times, enlightened me in others.  Not judging others by face value is a trait I learned from him. 

My Dad has seen me come a long way in this journey called life.  It is a joy to reflect on these memories and I believe we have more memories to make!  I love my Dad with all my heart, for me, he is my hero and always will be! 

My photo's for this week are two.  The first is of my eye, the window of my soul I call it.  I was originally going to crop it to just the eye but it was more interesting this way!

The second photo has a bit of a story.  Last week's photo was noticed by Digital Photo magazine.  Okay, I posted it on their Facebook page to show them how I interpreted a tutorial they offered with my own pictures.  It is the picture with the moon.  Well, not long after I got a reply saying they wanted to feature the photo in their magazine!  So began some email's back and forth with one of the editor's.  One of the things they wanted was a picture of me with my camera preferably.  So I was by myself and had to think how to take one with my camera.  One word, mirror.  So I took a couple of pictures.  This happens to be the one Ginger said I look cute in and wants to frame!

So I may not get 1,000 likes for my photos, but if a magazine likes my picture that says something because they are my peers!  Anyhow, just gives you a boost because your recognized!


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