Week 23: Working Hands and Vines

This week in photographs, the first picture I want to share is of my hand.  There is, of course, a story.

I look at this picture and see the hard work this week was.  I see the chalk on my hands, the paint, the drywall mud, and the gunk under the finger nails from the bathroom faucet I changed.  I think of the three days I spent in one apartment.  Yep, three days.  Some people have no concept of why it takes so long sometimes.  This particular apartment I had to paint from the ceiling to the floor.  I had to two tone paint it, it was originally white, so I had to paint it literally twice.  I had drywall issues.  It had marker on a.lot of the walls.   And that was just the painting/drywall side of the apartment.  I still had to do the make ready, and this is while someone was putting the ceramic tile back in around the tub because the tub was changed out.  In the past two weeks I have had three apartments that have been switched from all white to two toned.  It is a good thing I love painting!  On top of that, full make ready!  But I have had much needed help at the right times that has helped immensely.  So after those three days, high pressure aside, I was able to go to Lindale on Saturday and work on the barn.  I love working on the barn.  It is the place I took the pictures of the kittens which, if I remember correctly, all have now found a home!  It is such a change of pace, my regular job and my fun job.  It is peaceful.  I get a list of what needs to be done and I go about doing it.  And climbing up a ladder two stories to hang baton's!  Yeah, I am a little crazy!

So Ginger comes home from Barnes and Nobles this afternoon and I am out in the back, on top of a ladder, taking pictures of vines.  I told you I was a little bonkers!  Sometimes the inspiration just hits.  So her favorite of the shoot was this one, which reminds her of fall, which is a favorite of both Ginger and I!

Believe it or not, taken during the day with ambient light (no flash).  The sun just happen to be shining at the right spot!  My favorite, which was taken when I went back out a second time is this one:

This one has some beautiful bokeh (out of focus background) and I like the gap between the wood behind the leaf.

I love my work process.  I take a whole bunch of pictures (this week approx. 47 pics in a couple of sittings).  Then I flip through them on the computer with Ginger by my side.  Her input is invaluable because she sees things I don't.  Her favorite, for example, above was one I didn't see the potential in until she pointed out some things I didn't see.  Sometimes the same one is our favorite, sometimes it is not.  But having her input helps vet through the pics and find some gems.  Once we have gone through them, I fire up photoshop to enhance the RAW files and convert them to Jpeg's.  Then it is all about writing the blog, which she will read when I post it.  I don't think she realizes how vital her input is (she will when she reads this!).  Of course sometimes, like with bugs, spiders, snakes, etc., it is about how much she goes EWWWWW!

Thank you to all of you who support me with your encouragement and guidance!  Hope everyone has a good week!  Though work will probably be hectic this week, at least when I get off I get to come home to my lovely wife who always has a smile and kiss waiting for me!


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