Week Two Challenge: Leaves on a Light Box

Okay, I know I have some people with some shocked faces right now.  You are not seeing things, I am blogging only one week after my last blog.  Shocking.  Didn't take me 3 months.  I'm telling you, the photography bug bit me rather hard.
So for this week's challenge, I had one thing in mind for the week and ended up going another route.  So this week's photo's (yes, more than one this week), are of leaves. I used a couple of techniques, all with the light box in some particular way.  At one point, and I should of taken a picture, I had my tripod on two stools and a table.  It was pretty comical, the things you will do for the shot.  These particular shots also allowed me to learn some more new tricks in Photoshop, including changing colors.  Here are the photos:

 These are the original shots, with minimal correction in Adobe Camera Raw.  I was doing my best to get everything right in camera.  Then the shot below I was playing with the Replace Color function in Photoshop.

This was a lot of fun to do!  I also learned a few tricks, and I am learning more and more about lighting!  Not sure what next weeks project will be, but I have a few ideas!

Happy Photography!


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