Week 3: Cross Polarization Photo Shoot

So for those of you following, this is week 3 of my 52 week photo challenge.  I decided this week to practice something called cross polarization.  I saw a picture of clear plastic utensils using this process and thought, I don't want to use utensils, but other types of plastic.

Quickly, cross polarization involves using a circular polarizer on your camera and then using a computer screen (or polarizing film) behind a piece of plastic to show stress spots in the plastic.  The cool thing is, looking through the camera, the white screen on the computer turns black as you turn the polarizer.  A picture of my setup:

So I took a trip Saturday to Hobby Lobby, specifically looking for some cool plastic to use.  I had already had some small glasses that lit up when water was put in them (found them, in all places, in an apartment I was working on).

So what happens with cross polarization?  Have a look below:

 Once again, I had a blast pulling my camera out, using my prime lenses and remote release.  Hope you enjoy the pictures!


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