Week 5: Black Light Fun

So this week's photo and blog is a personal and fun picture for me. 

I love working with black light but it can be tricky to work with  Again, the direction I was going to take changed as the week unfolded.  Mostly because this weekend has been about friends and church.  Ginger and I, on Saturday morning, went to some friend's of ours house for brunch Matt and Debbie.  Debbie is a fantastic cook.  And it was fun to catch up on our lives.  Of course we have followed each other on Facebook, but it is fun to get together and see how their kids have grown! 

As well, we finally, officially joined the church we have been going to for over 8 years.  We finished the membership class last week, and this week started the Community 101 class they have before church.  As well, Ginger started going to a group for those who suffer from mental illness.  And I started going to a group for loved one's of those with mental illness.  Funny really.  Ginger and I had been on a rest from ministry.  That rest began with Ginger stepping down to concentrate on her mental health, and me stepping down to take care of her.  So it is ironic that our foray back into ministry is beginning with groups where our hearts are, with those with mental illness and those that love them.

Not that I haven't had opportunities to get back into ministry.  But each time someone mentioned it there was either a check in my spirit or obstacles came in the way.  I knew that when God opened the door, I would know and it would be obvious the direction He wanted me to go.  This just feels right and natural.  And the values of the church we joined line up with how we believe.  There is a peace, and I have found that peace.

But it all comes back to the picture above.  I love Ginger.  She is my soul mate and the perfect match for me.  Isn't it interesting that God has guided us to a church who is acknowledging the fact that mental illness is real and is starting to help those who deal with it?  And not only is the experience of Ginger dealing with bipolar being used, but my experience in helping her with it is too.  It is also ironic that we have reconnected with a couple from our past and met a new couple in our Community 101 class that we have clicked with.
God is good.

Paul loves Ginger and I just happen to know that Ginger loves Paul.....


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