The Jaws of Death!

Ninja mouse meets the jaws of death!  It took a little while to find the mouse because it was in a cubby hole where the pipes of the bathtub and shower open up into.  Like I said, Ninja mouse meets Sensei.  Of course the flies gave it away!

Okay, so my entry into a challenge on one of the photo groups I'm involved with on facebook is the following:

I've been so busy the past few weeks but I finally got to etch out a little time tonight to work on the challenge. 

I received some wonderful replies from my last post, however, God really spoke through my Dad on the matter and helped by giving me wisdom.  That sweet, still, voice.

Thank you all for your prayers and comments.  Ginger and I are doing really good and I'm still amazed how wonderful and beautiful she is.  I'm truly blessed.


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