Our Halloween Party

So this last Saturday we had our annual Halloween Party.  To be honest it is just an excuse for us to have a few friends over, eat lots of snack food, talk, take pictures, and well, to just have a good time.  For those of you coming from Facebook, you've probably seen most of these pictures. 

I carved two pumpkins for the party:

Ginger made cupcakes that were to die for (no pun intended!).

I remember when we found the little ghosts with candy corns in Michael's.  We just knew we had to have those.

And I have to include the house my Dad handmade on the mantle with a haunted light inside:

So the party was a concert theme.  I designed a T-shirt for this Halloween (like I did last year), and this one was for the band Pierced Heart on the Quarantine Tour (yes I was rather creative).  I made a tag for me, since I was the Lead Singer and I made a tag for Ginger, she was a groupie!  Here is the design of the tag:

On the back of the T-shirt I put the "tour dates" which are actually the dates I'd be wearing my costume:

10/26 Where I work
10/27 Our Home
10/31 Ginger's parents house.

We like small groups so there were a total of 5 of us at "The Crypt".  Here is a picture of me with my number one fan!

Here is a better picture without flash of Ging:

Here is a picture of Ginger's friends who came with Ginger:

And one of me with my good friend David:

And lastly of the pictures one of my favorite pictures of the night (the other was the photo at the top)

Just because I love candid shots when people don't know they are being photographed (and I was 3 foot away). 

All in all it was a wonderful time with wonderful friends.  We laughed, we ate, and we got closer.  We took photographs and all in all had a blast.  Only one more tour date left and then we are done until next year's tour. And as Dee Synder on the House of Hair would say, Sit Down, Shut Up and Hold on, This is the House of Hair!   Rock On!


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