Our Happy Haunted Apartment

So it is fast approaching Ginger and I's favorite time of year.  The fall and winter holiday season.  Of course for us the season officially kicks off with Halloween, and we've started a tradition of doing our fall shopping on the labor day weekend.  It is the time when our wonderfully historical house turns in a Victorian style haunt.  You see Ginger loves the fun Halloween (lots of glitter) and I'm more of a spooky type.  I like the ghosts and goblins, but we both agree that gory and just plain extreme is not our cup of tea.  You won't see any skeletons in our home, but you will, at least this year, see lots of black lights, glow in the dark spider venom, a glowing fireplace (see above pic), and lots of glowing spider webs!  And the minature house my Dad built for us, well it has an orange light inside and eerie strobe lighting going off....I think it's haunted....(hee hee hee).

This year Spooky, our resident ghost, has a new friend, Stefan.  He glows and changes colors!
 Stefan is Ginger's favorite that we've picked up this year.  He didn't smile, Ginger wanted him to smile, I made him smile!  And she is loving all the black lights.  We also have a table now that has our decorations on it,
 and on our dining room table are decorations for our theme this year, candy corns.
 I still have more webbing to put up and to find out how to get a orange glow in the dark water, after all, liquid phantom just isn't the same unless it's glowing and the spider venom is already yellowish-green.
And once again we will be having a Halloween party.  Just a small get together with family and friends.  Good food, games, and some of THAT music!  Bark at the Moon!  (If you get that reference then welcome to my world!)

I'll be posting more "night" pictures as everything gets finalized and I get everything looking the way I'm liking it.  I did find out you can make glowing ice cubes out of tonic water but, well, have you tasted tonic water?!?  Here is to lots of laughs!


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