Ninja Mouse Returns and meets Sensei

Okay in my last post I stated I was trying to make an orange glowing water.  You don't know how hard that was. First of all, most orange highlighters do not work because they do not glow.  Water based fluorescent dilutes too much.  However, gel ink works absolutely perfectly, as you can see.  My quest is officially completed.

So our little ninja mouse decided to return.  This actually is a rather good thing.  Ginger was dealing with a depressive swing and was slowly coming out of the pit, as she calls it.  When we discovered that our little friend was back it did wonders for her mood.  She was Happy with a capital H!  Ninja mouse is back!  It's the little things.  And suddenly the depression was gone.

However, our little friend, or friends, had evaded the traps.  Instead they loved the indian corn and candy corn we had out.  So I decided to do some intensive investigation.  I upends the couch, moved it back and noticed we had a cracked open window.  Below, on the floor, a pile of indian corn.  Gotcha.  Closed the window.  But I hadn't found any candy corn.  Then I looked underneath the dish washer.  Yep, you guessed it, candy corn.  So I moved it out, Ginger watching amazed and found a hole that I had missed.  A little spray foam, I love that stuff, and we had eliminated what I believe was their stealthy entry and getaway.  Some strategically placed traps, and now the chess move is on the grasshopper ninja mouse.  Ginger lits up talking about ninja mouse, go figure.  We have disinfected everything and are ready to see what this week will bring.

Oh by the way, the photograph group I am friends with on Facebook, well I tied for first on the last photo challenge (technology past or present)  and had my photo put on the header photo for the group.  I was pretty stoked about that.  Who knew?  So the next challenge is a photograph of boots, any boots.  And I already have an idea.

Well, time to get ready for bed, but thought I'd give everyone an update on how Ginger and I are doing.  God is good!


P.S.  Green Apple Candy Corn Rocks!!!!!


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