Weeding Azalea's

 Two blogs in two days!

So Ginger got up this morning to go walking with a good friend of hers at 8:15.  Paul, the ambitious one, decided to get up and tackle a job that had been nagging him awhile, weeding the azalea's out front.   Having been so busy this summer with side jobs, work, and a wonderful trip to Fort Worth, I finally had some time, and a swatch of time.  You know how it is, you pull into the driveway, see it, and go I really need to take care of that.  Then you walk up into the air conditioning and, well, it's all over. 

So Ginger set off on her walk and I got my gloves and went to work.  And how I missed it!  I know, I know, I'm probably a little touched in the head getting up early on a Sunday morning before church and doing it, but I was enjoying it.  In about 5 minutes my shirt was soaked with sweat and I didn't have a bandanna on so my hair would get in my eyes (I told ya'll it was long!), but 3 white trash bags later I was looking at my work while I watered the plants. 

There was a spiritual lesson there as well though (come on, you knew there would be!).  It was just a chance for me to be alone with God and for God to just minister to my heart.  The lesson, don't let weeds in your life overgrow the beauty of your life.  Don't get so busy with everything that you forget to do a little maintenance to keep things clean.  For example, I've mentioned it so much but date night for Ginger and I is just that.  It allows us a time alone so that if we have to do any weeding we can.  More practically, Ginger cleans the house every Saturday afternoon, without fail (and I clean the studio and help out).  One example has to do with relationships, the other with just being clean.   But your heart may need to be cleaned every now and then too.  Don't get so busy that you don't take time with God and just be alone and let him minister to you.  And that is what weeding this morning was for me, a time for God to just love on me a little bit, encourage me on things done right and guidance on things to do better.  God forbid, I am not perfect.  You'd think I'd get this at church, and I do to an extent, but sometimes it's that alone time that counts.  It Ginger and I were out with friends all the time but never alone, where would our relationship be?  And when I have moments of learning like this its funny how I want to blog and share with my readers.

So on a side note, what are the odds that our favorite server at Mercado's, who is in a Christian band, stops working on Saturday nights and then his brother becomes our favorite server, who started serving the week after his brother stopped working on Saturday's?  Small world?  I think not.  He was happy to see us last night!  He's only been serving for 2 weeks!  He saw us, his face lit up and he said, "I'm so happy to see ya'll".  He was having some difficulty, as most new servers do, but we are like the most laid back customers you'll see.  Interestingly enough, he's bipolar.  Ginger, finding this out strikes up a conversation about, you guessed it, bipolar.  My baby is not shy.  Remember yesterday's blog about ministry?  Yep, ministry in action.

Well, time to get ready for church.  I can hear Ginger in the other room getting ready, I know I'll walk in and get my breath taken away when I see my angel.  I get my breath taken away alot.....


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