My First Lightning Shot!

Okay so this is the first real shot of lightning that I was able to take on Friday night.  It was comical actually how it all went down.  We saw the warnings for a storm come up at 9:30 pm and a rare east to west storm was headed our way.  So I set up my camera and fixed it where I could take pictures out the window.  Running from one window to the other to see if I could see any forks of lightning.  Not seeing anything and getting rained out on one window I stood on the balcony at last and watched the storm surge past.  But I noticed the lightning sticking around.  So with camera on tripod already and remote set, I began taking shots.  The trick was Manual mode, set to Bulb mode (which means I could keep the shutter open as long as I wished).  Then you press the remote release once to open the shutter and wait for a flash of lightning and click the button again to close the shutter.  I'd keep the shutter open no longer than 45 seconds.  And it worked!  I didn't have to have lightning quick reflexes, I just had to leave it open and wait for a fork.  I was elated and doing a happy dance on the balcony!

Saturday was another day that was quite magical.  I went to Keller to see my Mom, Dad, and Brother and his family.  It was amazing.  My brother had gotten an arcade board that had all the controller's for those 80's arcade games we use to play.  Downloading said games, Phillip and I took a trip into our past and played games.   We also played Mexican Train with domino's, Mom and Dad and the two sons with their spouses.  Our family was together, I mean truly together.  Even my long hair was accepted, as all agreed, as long as Ginger likes it that's what matters.  And Mom said something that I had to ponder on and agree with.  As my hair got longer my codependency got smaller.  Maybe that is because as more and more people told me I needed to cut it, or change it, etc, the more I just didn't care because, shock of shocks, I liked it.  Instead of changing it because of peer pressure or changing because I wanted to please someone, I just lived my life with my hair the way I wanted it.  Sure, Ginger has a say, she is, after all my wife, but hey, when your wife looks at you and says you look hot, well, you do the math....

Anyway, had a wonderful time with family and it did all our hearts good.  I'm so very blessed and I owe it all to my wonderful God....



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