A Good Weekend!

Thank you so much for the comments and emails that you've sent me, encouraging and supporting me.  It truly is amazing how those who truly love me gather around me as one of their own.  Funny thing is, once I wrote the blog, got my feelings out, I felt much better.  I have had a couple of people say I shouldn't put my feelings out there like that for the world to see.  Maybe they don't realize that it is one of the reasons I put this blog out in the first place, to show how a Christian recovering alcoholic copes with life.  You see, something like that, many moons ago would have been an excuse.  Now it is all the more reason to continue of the path I am on.  Because, believe it or not, those same rumors allowed me the opportunity to share with a few people my testimony.  They got to see beyond the "rumors" and learn the truth.  In the end, God is glorified.  I've always been open about my struggles and if someone wants to know how I've gotten to where I am today, all I ask is that they come to me and ask.  Someone else doesn't know my story as well as I do.  And there were a few people at work who rallied around me too, people I didn't even know had my back so to speak. 

Speaking of work, I worked 5 hours yesterday in the hot Texas summer sun.  Anyone know how hard it is to shovel into clay?  I got home, took a shower and just laid in bed for about an hour, thankful that the long stretch between regular work and helping out a couple of friends this week was over.  But it feels good.  I haven't been able to play too much with my new toys, my new off camera flash and my books about Photoshop Elements 10, but I have plenty of time for that, after all what I really wanted to do was be with my baby, Ginger!  So we decided to start date night early last night!  Gotta say I really enjoy our Saturday nights together!  I mean there is no one I'd rather spend time with than my beautiful wife!  Tell you, that was one piece of premarital advise that I thank the Lord for!   It is at least the one night of the week where we go out with no one, or have friends over, it's just Ginger and I.  It gives us a chance to talk, laugh, and just plain be together alone with no distractions.  Then again, Ginger is my best friend so talking with her is easy!   Seems most we talk to about date night says that is a great idea, but we don't do it.   I guess to each his own, but for us, well, we love it. 

We were able to go to lunch with Ginger's cousin Teddy today!  Teddy is like Ginger in that he is an extrovert.  You'd think with those two I wouldn't get a word in edge wise being an introvert.  And yet it seems Ginger is the one listening to us!  Teddy is one of the few people I can discuss religion with without it becoming a full out brawl over ideas.  His insight, especially being Greek, is fascinating to me.  But as well, we both share a love for photography.  Here is a guy I can bounce ideas off of and well, it's just fun to talk photography if you ask me.

 I tried taking some shots of lightning last night, got a few but the light pollution faded them out.  I'll need to find a darker place to take night shots at besides the parking lot of Orange Leaf!  But it was a great lightning show!  And, well, it was date night, so even though I took a few shots, I spent time with Ginger (happy wife, happy life!)

Anyway, so there is a happy update for you all.  Thank you again those of you who support me and encourage me, you mean the world to me!   God continues to work on Ginger and I and He ain't done yet!



  1. Sounds like a busy & nice weekend! Keep doing what you do!
    I bet the 3 of you had fun!


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