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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Spooky in the apartment

So I wanted to tell the story of Spooky, our friendly little ghost. This is spooky. Ginger and I were in Hallmark, looking for Halloween crafts and such. We'd spent the afternoon a couple of weekends ago doing just that and really, just enjoying each other's company. And then Ginger spied Spooky. She walks over to me and says, oh baby, I want him. Well, how can I say no to those beautiful golden hued eyes of hers? Well, in typical fashion, once Spooky was in the car I gave him a voice. Yes, I've worked with puppets before so I have, shall we say, a knack for making inanimate objects come to life. We have one other critter that I do that quite regularly with, so now Sparky has a friend. Spooky guards the candy and keeps any other ghosts out of the house! The candy jar you see in the picture, well, I painted letters on it to say trick or treat on one side and sweet tooth remedy on the other. Yes, ever the artist. But what Spooky did was start our little halloween tradition. I realize that for some it is all about evil. And maybe for some it is. But it is not the holiday that is necessarily evil, it is the people and how they celebrate it. For Ginger and I it is the start of the holiday season, and as such, a time to have fun, and for one night at least, eat all the candy we want. And with the crafts we've made, and lil Spooky, we have begun something that we will cherish for years to come.

But Spooky has another purpose as well, along with Sparky. They make Ginger laugh. Anyone with depression, anxiety, or bipolar issues will tell you that laughter is always helpful. It gets their mind off of things they dwell on or their mind races about. And God, early on in our relationship, gave us the gift of laughter, or for me to be able to put a smile on her face with my downright goofiness sometimes. We have private moments with our critters in which we roll on the floor laughing, enjoying life.

Ginger and I look at our life and thank God daily for it. He provides for us in so many ways, including emotionally. I love my wife dearly and she is worth far more than rubies. I get to reflect on that during the day sometimes, how blessed I truly am to have a wife who loves me as she does. She accepts me as I am. When I walk in the door from work, covered in paint, wore out from rolling paint all day, she looks at me with those beautiful eyes, gives me a kiss, and tells me how good I look. Her favorite shoes of mine are my work boots. She loves her hard working man. She was sent straight from God, a hand picked angel, to me.

And sometimes I truly think she is an angel. In November she will be giving her testimony at CR. I'm excited, since the last time I heard it was right before we started dating. I'm in it now, of course, and we've been able to reflect this exciting journey we are on. It is hard to imagine life before Ginger, I just stand amazed that marriage and a wife such as her can truly be mine, a true, a very much blessing from God....


Sunday, October 17, 2010

A brief update!

I know, I know, I haven't blogged for awhile and I know that my Mom is wondering if she'll ever get another blog to read! I have been super busy, I got a very special visitor two weekends ago, and last weekend I spent Saturday halloween craft shopping with Ginger. We had an absolute blast. I've posted them on facebook, but I'll try to put some of them in here as well. Last Sunday I was in meetings for about 5 hours, so I was spent. Yesterday I helped a friend install about 400 foot of water line. Needless to say I'm sore, but I was paid well, and today all I really have to do is go to Walmart to grocery shop after church.

Do you believe you can be prayed into a place? Whether that is work, or a church, a ministry or such? There is power in prayer I believe. I was talking to a couple of people at work, Christian's trying to find their way in this life. And as I've shared bits of my faith with them, one of them looks at me and says, we prayed they'd hire another Christian who would help pray for the apartments, for work, etc. And suddenly, for just a glimpse, I got to see a bigger picture in God's world. I'm not some super spiritual guy who thinks that God can use only me. But I got to see how God will direct His people, even if we don't know the whole plan, because He knows it and that's enough for me. There was a lot more than me just getting a job, he had a purpose for me going there beyond the monetary getting a job thing. So if He sent me there, I know He is taking care of me.

I do love my job. I paint mostly, something I love to do. I get along with the crew and have become a team player. I'm learning to, as my Dad has told me, to move on from talking so much about the past, and concentrate on how God is helping me now. Bits of my past come up sometimes, I've had to affirm I don't drink, but I'm learning there is life after addiction.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

And now the rest of the story

My new job is going well. It is a different feeling entirely, having a regular 8:30 to 5:30, Monday through Friday job. Don't get me wrong, it was that why for awhile at my previous job, but then things started getting sporadic. But I don't want to focus on the past here, that season is over, and the new one has begun.

So how did I get this job. Well, I will, and always will, say God. My previous boss, with financial problems looming, decided to get a maintenance lead job at an apartment complex. While waiting for his approval, he suggested I go in and fill out an application. I was given a little piece of advise, however, don't talk about my addiction past. In other words, prevent myself in the best light as possible. Well, that didn't settle with my spirit at all. It troubled me. So, what did I do? When I went in to interview and fill out an application I looked at the manager and said, look I have some things I need to tell you before we even start this process about me. I didn't shy away from anything, I was honest, and quite honestly felt only God could give me the job at that point. But my spirit was at peace. I was given, by the way, another piece of advise, ask for way more than I make. Well, once again, I asked God to direct me in that area, and I put what God directed me too. In fact, it is what I usually make now. When he found out I didn't ask for more he was upset, I should've asked for more, if I were him, blah blah blah.

However, I've always asked God to put me where He wants me. My life is not mine, it's His. And sometimes that means not pursuing what the world wants. Well, two weeks later I was given the approval. The job is a little over 30 miles away in Longview and a few people think I'm crazy for driving so far to work. But you know what, I have a peace. I am going to be in charge of painting, which I love, and helping to fix up the apartments (they were built in the 70's). It is my belief God has me here for a purpose that He knows and I haven't been given the insight on. God gives me glimpses, being a witness among those who don't walk with God, but I rely on Jesus to give me strength. He is stretching me there, but you know what, I'm growing. And He has prepared me. I love to paint, have experience with it, and maintenance, handy man things, well, I come from a good line of handy men...Just ask my Mom.....I've already fixed things like a toilet, broken drawers, and leaking shower fixtures oh yeah, drywall.

As His sheep, we follow Him. I'm learning a greater dependence on God, to keep my car healthy, to provide as always, and to trust Him and to live as an example so that Christ can be shown through me. Walking the Christian walk is not always easy, but you know what, when you do the right thing, there is a great peace in your heart....

By the way, thank you Tanna for the BAA! My parents were pretty excited too!


Monday, October 4, 2010

New Job!

Well, as I've posted the past few times, changes are coming, and last Friday I started my new job! I am part of a maintenance team at an apartment complex. A jack of all trades, I get to troubleshoot and get apartments ready for tenants. It also signals the end of the Northstar/ Budget Home Improvement days, at least for me. God released me, and made a way for me. I was at church yesterday and heard plenty of confirmation about what God has done for me. From teaching me patience, to total dependence upon God, He has been there for me. And the way I got the job is very similar to the way Ginger and I were able to get into our lovely apartment! I've got to go to work now, and I've got Celebrate Recovery tonight, so I'll try to give you the whole story Tuesday! Thank you for all the prayers my fellow sheep!