Week 21: My Moth Hatched!

Hello to all my family and friends!  Welcome to my weekly blog, there are a lot of pictures and things to share this week!  First thing is first, some music in my ear.  A little Creedance Clearwater Revival (a little trivia, it is one of my Dad's favorite bands and when I miss him I listen to them and their music is pretty good too!)

So we had some storms early this week.  In fact we had some pretty wicked storms that came through but hit more north of us.  I was checking on my friends that live up that way.  Sirens going off and I am on the balcony looking out lol.  Tuesday we had rain so I came home for lunch while Sophie was at the groomers and Ginger was picking her up.  So I decided to take some more magnolia pics.  When I saw this shot when I put it on my computer screen I absolutely fell in love with it.  It is perhaps my favorite flower shot I have taken:

This shot has very little in the way of Photoshop, this was the natural shot.   The moodiness and contrast just make this shot for me.  And if this was the last good shot I got this week I would have been happy, but I was in for a treat, and something Ginger and I will be laughing about till we our old and gray.

So does everyone remember this shot:

Well here is another.  I walked into my studio on Friday night.  I had set up a container for the cocoon.  For two weeks nothing.  I was packing up my camera to go to Rebecca's ranch on Saturday and I noticed movement!  Holy crap my giant leopard moth had hatched!  Ginger was napping on the couch so I began snapping pictures.  83 pictures later....these are the best:

In it's habitat.  Lit with a flashlight

On my light board (turned off), three flash shot.  Ginger and I's favorite

On the Ledge

Loved how the eyes shined in the flashlight

Ginger said this looked like an alligator.  A close second to my favorite

I actually got it to crawl on a branch.  This was a tricky shot but a fun one

So before I let it go into the wild I went in and saw that Ginger was up.  Standing in front of the couch I said "My Moth Hatched!"  You'd of thought I'd won the lottery.  So imagine my surprise when she said, oh I know.  Wait, what!  Seems my lovely wife was looking earlier in my studio for the mint M&M's she won at Erica's shower (they were locked up) and she saw the moth moving in it's container and was wondering what the heck I was doing with a moth!  She said I looked so cute and now the running joke around here is "My Moth Hatched!"  Hey I waited patiently for that moth to come out!  Hey at least I am not hiding live spiders in my studio....or am I.....Of course I am notorious for bringing in dead wasps and cicada killers to photograph, but Ginger didn't know that till now when she reads this!

It is, of course, fitting, this moth coming out of this cocoon.  After all, I found the caterpillar at Rebecca's the last time I was there.    And this is May 26th.  In 2002 I was in a cocoon and in 2006 I came to Tyler and a moth came out (metaphorically) and I have flourished ever since.  Thank you for the prayers Mom and Dad, and everyone else. It takes a village, they say to raise a son.  It takes a support group to help someone in recovery, and there are a lot of special people who have helped me add another year to my recovery.  Thank you all.

So at Rebecca's this Saturday I was able to do one of my favorite things, besides Photography.  I love clearing out and making paths in the woods.  It is very hard work.  Pulling vines out of trees is strength sapping work.  But when you look back and see what you accomplished it is amazing.

It is for her grandchildren to get to stream.  I am sure I will be doing more next week and I can honestly say I cannot wait!

So for those of you on Instagram, I put a lot of pictures of Sophie and previews of pictures I am going to be putting on my blog.  Much less political over there.  So if you are be on the look out, sometimes I surprise everyone with an early preview.  And feel free to pick your favorite moth picture and let me know!



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