Week 24: Father's Day

So today is Father's Day.  Before I add other pictures and talk about this week, I want to talk about my Dad.  He is and always has been my hero.  I was looking for a picture that just spoke of how special my Dad is and I came across this.  It is from my wedding from Ginger.  It was such an honor to have my Mom, Dad, and brother to be there for my special day.  This picture means so much to me because if you knew what it meant to see this happen.....

I would not be where I am today without my Dad.  He has given me spiritual guidance that God has spoken through him to me.  I learned how to troubleshoot through him.  To this day I still never forget his words about electronics, trace from the power source.  I remember sitting around the supper table and reading Bible stories and then my brother and I answering questions.  I remember sitting on the floor and playing with legos.  Happy memories.  My creativity was molded and nurtured through this time.  So Dad, just wanted you to know I love you and your the best Dad a son could have. 

So last week I talked about the shallowness of Facebook and some are more interested in pictures of dogs than serious issues.  Well.....I am not to big to admit I can be wrong. 

Ginger, last Monday had a horrible day.  By the time she got home she was not doing very well.  She'd been having anxiety attacks.  Usually I start by trying to identify the trigger (if any and sometimes there are not any) that set it off.  In this instance we did identify it.  With each Monday we learn a little bit more to help with the next Monday.  Anyway, we talk, identify, then I get her to shower, eat, rub her feet or hands (which connects to her brain and relaxes her) and then have her take a nap to reset her brain.  Well...unknown to me at the time, Ginger had posted a rather serious post talking about drowning under the anxiety attacks.  So at 9:30pm when I got a phone call and Ginger was feeling better and eating popcorn beside me, I was in the dark.  I reassured that she was doing fine and then got on Facebook and looked at the post.  The response she got was more than amazing.  From prayers to advice to encouragement the love came flowing through.  So I posted an update (and one the next day) to assure that Ginger was doing well.  So, um, good job.  And I put Facebook on my phone (was already on my tablet) so I could keep more up to date with Ginger's posts (we share the same login).  So a big thank you to everyone for your support.  She will be a bit nervous today until tomorrow gets here and she gets through a Monday good, which she will because she is learning her work very well and starting to get the hang of it all.  But keep her in your prayers.  We just watched a show about Mauro Ranallo's who has bipolar, very enlightening.

Yesterday we went to the Price family reunion at Lake Kiowa.  About 178 miles away.  We had a blast and I posted a bunch of pics I took on Facebook.  SO first things first, I told Tyler Price he'd make the blog because he was pointing at me as I took a pic, so this pic is for you Tyler:

On the way home as we went to get something to eat in Tyler before going home at one of our favorite places, Piada's I saw this scene and had to take a pic.

FYI, when we walked out after eating this scene was gone.  I have learned, if I see the shot, take it.  If it doesn't work out fine, but I would rather take the shot than wonder what if.  I have this thing lately with clouds. 

This next shot is from a job I was on and I saw this little alcove.  I was editing it and Ginger just loved it, so this is for my beautiful wife:

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Sunday!  Keep us in your prayers and be praying for Ginger tomorrow that God walks with her and she has a smooth day!  God bless!



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