Week 9 Azalea Season is Upon Us

 So you know your a geek and techie when....

Setting up one laptop to be in the studio so I can tether my camera to it.  It will allow me to remotely take pictures for focus stacking and give me a bigger screen to see the shot before I take it.  Bonus, I have another monitor connected to it for a bigger screen!  And then another laptop that I was working on (In case the zombie apocalypse happens lol).  I decommissioned my old desktop, pulled out the hard drive and made it into an external drive so if I need any of the files off of it I can.  Amazing what a $15.00 kit off of Amazon can help you accomplish!  Now I do not have to run my camera from the studio into the living room.  I can put it on the laptop, then, when I am ready can pull those off remotely to my desktop.  Fun stuff!  I spent all morning and afternoon working on it and could not have been happier!  And then bonus, date night with Ginger that night!  I absolutely love her so....

So with the unseasonably warm weather our azalea's have decided to bloom early.  So this Sunday I decided to get my macro box set up to take some shots of some azalea's.  Here is the setup:

It actually takes about 10 minutes to get everything all set up.  Practice makes perfect!  I had to get creative to get the flower to stand up but a little glass and some tape work wonders!  Funny enough, the last couple of shots of the flower, which were side shots, ended up being both Ginger and I's favorite:

Here is a full front shot:

Ginger liked the above, I had fun making the next one, which from a quirky artist point of view I loved:

And then, just having a little Photoshop fun.  Took some picture of sawdust and decided to have some fun:

 Lastly, this shot was actually from Ginger.  She wanted to take a funny shot.  This shot absolutely cracks me up!  But it shows something else.  Laughter.  Fun.  Ginger and I enjoy being with each other.  We make each other laugh often, which you can say is the secret sauce of our love.  There are too many things that need serious attention so you have to take moments to make funny faces, dance silly dances, and sometimes just hold each other. 

Laugh often my friends and family....



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