Ginger's Birthday Present: Elmwood Gardens

So if you ask Ginger what she wants as a gift, her favorite thing is vacations.  You can forget jewelry, she loves and cherishes her wedding rings and college ring, but give her a trip and she is a very happy wife!  So for Ginger's birthday we went to a bed and breakfast north of Palestine called Elmwood Gardens.  Known famously for their wedding venues, you can, if you time it right, stay in the Honeymoon Suite.  It was heavenly.  As a photographer you knew I'd take pictures!  Here is a picture of the cabin and a very enthusiastic Ginger:

The grounds were beautiful:

And there were also lots of curious animals around, including some very beautiful horses:

And a beautiful cat called, of all things, peanut butter:

It took Ginger and I a few minutes to get this shot of peanut butter.  I'm such a cat person!  Peanut butter was "playing" with a lizard.  And then there was Joey, who was born without a tail:

Of course the inside was absolutely divine.  Ginger fell in love with the "purple" tub.  It is one of the reason's why we wanted to come to Elmwood Gardens.  Of course at night, with the lights off except for a torch light I have for my photography, the ambience with the tub is heavenly!  We even went and got bubble bath specifically for Ginger to have a bubble bath!

Of course there was a fireplace in the main room:

And obviously I had to take a few artsy, macro shots:

Of course the star of the vacation was obviously my beautiful wife, who had gotten her hair done the day before, isn't it beautiful! (Heck lets be honest, she IS beautiful!):

We had such a fabulous time there and DeeDee, the owner was such a gracious and wonderful host.  We had the grounds and cabin all to ourselves and it was a great time to relax and just be with each other.  The amazing part was, once we got there neither one of us picked up our phone, computer, etc.  It wasn't till we left that we picked up our electronic devices.  That's how absolutely amazing this place is. 

So today I was able to play with Photoshop and worked on some creative projects:

Yep, the cubes have lots of the pictures from above!  I had such fun doing these!

So the birthday continues (Tanna, I gave Ginger a HUGE hug for you!)!  Date night is about is officially start and we are just so relaxed and ready for the holiday's now (And we have about three weeks and we are going to ANOTHER bed and breakfast in Jefferson for our anniversary!).   God is good, we are so blessed to have each other, how wonderful God is to have put us together!



  1. Looks lik an amazing hide-away. Great captures of your trip! Makes me want to go, too!

  2. God is so very good. Baaaa....

    and thank you for giving our hug to your precious wife! blessings ~ t.


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