Playing with Water Droplets

So I had a little bit of creative time this afternoon and came up with this:

I saw a magazine article talking about the technique, woke up from our nap this afternoon and decided to play.  At first it wasn't working really well, but that didn't deter me.  Lighting, the position of the tripod, and even using a remote release were all factors, that an rain-x (it makes the water drops bead, which is essential).  Didn't have an eyedropper but I did have a Q-tip (should of seen me experimenting with how to get water beads on the glass!)  Needless to say that once I "saw" it, then it was a matter of fine tuning the picture.  The picture below was my first "successful" attempt.  From there all I had to do was play.

I knew those colored pencils in all the pretty shiny colors were going to make a photo shoot!  Hey, and I have colored pencils of all different colors, I see another project coming!  Ginger came home, saw the pictures and said, you really need to sell your work.  My number one supporter. 

I have found that I was getting lost in a video game the past couple of weeks.  Time just kind of stood still for a little bit.  Now I'm back on the creative photography band wagon.  Now I need to get some pictures of a Texas flag.  Already the wheels are turning....

Okay, so on another front, work is going great, they got me a used spray rig!  Oh I'm stoked.  Two toning apartments with a roller takes alot of time, well, my time sure speeded up with that spray gun in my hand!  I've used them before, and I'm getting good practice!  I love it!   But I'm most excited about next weekend, my Mom and Dad will be down for my nephew's graduation and so Ginger and I are driving to Fort Worth to visit with them and my brother and fam!  It's going to be a grand time celebrating with my nephew and everyone!  And I even got a hair cut!  Mom will be so happy, but I'm thinking not as near as much as Ginger is, I mean I do not exaggerate when I say she LOVES my short hair, just saying. 

I hope everyone is having a good weekend, enjoy the pictures, I even put them up on Flickr!  Let's see what else God can put in my head to do, because I have to give credit to Him, the Master Artist himself....



  1. He IS the Master Artist... and He created us in His image... I believe that is why we are compelled to create. ;) great shots!! baaaaa...


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