Content on a Sunday Morning

I love Sunday's.  Laying in bed, waking up next to an angel, orange juice, the sun beaming in from the windows, it's warmth touching my skin, Ginger getting up and getting ready for church.  It is a day of rest, a day of family, and a day in which we have our own routine.  Ginger looks forward to making her corn tortilla soup tonight and I, at least this night, look forward to some moon photography tonight. 

As I look out the window on this beautiful Sunday morning, even knowing it will be hot today (No, I'm not surprised, I live in Texas and summer is always hot!), I'm amazed at how blessed I am from God.  A beautiful, loving, and loyal wife is on the top of my list.  A wonderful place to live with air conditioning that works fantastic (see above about Texas summer's being hot!).  A loving God who cares about the small things and even the big things!

It has been a wonderful few weeks since I last posted.  Ginger and I were able to go see my nephew graduate from high school!  Seeing my brother and his family and my Mom and Dad was such a special treat.  It was funny, I'm so very passionate about photography that when someone mentions it I just get all talkative, showing what I know, what I want to know, and I've become the unofficial photographer of the fam, at least on informal pictures!  I still have bunches to learn and I'm toying with the idea of taking classes for it.  But one of my favorite pics of the day was this one:

Yes, my nephew is in the picture, kind of a where is waldo picture.  Thank goodness for zoom lenses!  Of course there were other special pics, like this one:

Yep, I love this photo.  Our family together.  A miracle too, Regella does NOT like her picture taken so we had to act fast on this!

It was a fun time, and Phillip and I were able to have a little time for a Dark Wind demonstration.  Two brothers just laughing it up.

The next weekend we had was what we call a "normal" weekend.  I had a list of honey-do's for Saturday.  Fix the dish washer (a spring broke, fixed in about 5 minutes) and fix the DVD/VCR machine so Ginger could watch her Cindy Crawford Exercise Video (the heads were dirty, opened the machine up, cleaned the heads, put machine back together, works perfectly) were at the head of the list.  We even went over last Sunday night and had dinner at Teddy and Asia's (a WONDERFUL dinner I might add).

Now this weekend has just been all about relaxing.  Not much on the honey-do front except to clean the studio up a bit.  Date night last night was absolutely awesome!  So now, here we are, about to go to church and I'm just, well, happy and content.  Work will start again tomorrow and the drama that goes with it (been alot there lately), but I'll leave that for tomorrow.  For today I'm just going to enjoy this life God has blessed me with and the people He has put in my life to enjoy it with.  Did I mention I have the most gorgeous wife in the world, in my eyes?  My eyes are just for her and her's for me, just happily content.....


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