Photographic Project

So this week I've been working on a photographic project.  Hey, what do you get when you mix an engineering mind (from schooling), technicians mind (from my Dad!), and an artist (genetics!), you get:

Now I realize this looks like a Frankenstein type of contraption.  A trip to Radio Shack and Home Depot, some Christmas lights and an old ceiling fan motor and a little creativity yields this:

Now obviously I've done no cropping of the pictures as of yet.  These are the test shots I did.  I had a set of lights (4 lights each) of red, magneta, blue, green and yellow.  Powered by a 9 Volt battery by each set of lights, I decided to combine blue and green on some pictures, red and magneta on the next.  The first has a 5 light set with one of each.  I have yet to experiment with merging the files together in Photoshop, but hey that means the project is not done!

On another note, no migraine!  The two week (it was starting to be one week) cycle is broken!  Thank the Lord!

So my creative flare continues.  I may be self taught in photography, but I have an awesome God who gives me help, to Him be the glory! 


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