Night Skyline of Dallas and P&G Update!

Last weekend Ginger and I went to Dallas.  Here is a shot of the Dallas skyline at night and right before the sun had risen. 

I've been studying light trails, so it gave me an opportunity to practice this technique.

 This was my favorite of the shots of the sun coming up, I got several, but the sun was coming up to the left too much for me to get the sun and the skyline.  Both of the shots have been unedited in photoshop.

The next picture, however, begins a small story. 

This shot will not win any awards.  But this picture is a reminder.  It was taken right before I began to feel the beginning of a headache coming on.  Actually, I'd had a dull ache, but I suffer from headaches all the time, so it didn't seem anything unusual.  It, however, was.  It was the beginning of a migraine that would last for close to 4 days.  It ended, thankfully, with a trip to the doctor (which my lovely wife had set up and got me too).  A shot of Torodol and Phenegren (sp?), and then some prescription medication to help with the headache (and any in the future), I was very thankful for my family physician.  Much of that time is blacked out, something that I've talked to several migraine sufferers is pretty common, and in the end I couldn't hold anything down I was dehydrated so much.  But God is good.  The medication has worked wonderfully and I've eaten to well make up for the 4 days of eating hardly anything.  Migraine's, in a word, suck.  I have the most wonderful boss, and she let me have a day off to get to the doctor and take care of myself.  She actually texted and told Ginger not to let me go to work if I was still feeling bad.  And my wonderful wife took care of me so well, I'm so grateful for her through that time.  The first few days of recovering my brain seemed hazy, and memories seemed short circuited.  But my brain is back to normal, so much so that I spent much of the weekend rearranging our studio room to allow for drawing and portrait photography work in there.

On the mend and with the full moon coming, I had a rare night last night of little wind which allowed me some pretty neat shots.  .

 The above is the cropped shot of the picture below.

And this was taken tonight.  A little wind, but I was able to get a few shots off.  Again cropped picture first then full picture.

Again, none have been enhanced in Photoshop yet.  I wanted to get a blog out first.   Then this week I can go through the several pictures (about 300) I've taken the past few weeks.

 Now I'm sitting on the couch as my wife watches the Oscar's.  I figured I'd blog to bring everyone up to date.  I've been real busy this weekend, basically spring cleaning and getting the last of the winter decorations down.  I put a bird house up that my Dad made for Ginger and I as well.  I'm looking at just how utterly beautiful my wife is right now and realize that God has blessed me so very much with her.  Sometimes when your world is shaken you realize just what really is important and that the things you stress about, you really shouldn't.  Just my two cents.


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