Night Photography on the Balcony

 So last week I was able to get two very different night shots.  You'd be surprised, standing out on the balcony what you can come up with.  The first is one of my favorite shots.  I love the greenish light (which is actually a porch light), just looks, different.  One of those times I saw the shot and had to grab my camera! 

This next one is off the beaten path to the sharp focus I usually try to aspire to.  The wind was up and I was shooting some full moon shots that froze the branches in place.  In my quest of finding the right settings (I'm constantly experimenting with Manual Mode and Aperture Priority) I got this abstract type shot.  It's eerie, yes I know, but the cross of the branches in the moon just captivated me.  

 Would have posted them this weekend but I was a tad under the weather (well, alot, but today I've bounced back!).  Kind of a cross between sinus, cold, and stomach fluish symptoms.  But three bottles of gatorade, two cans of chicken noodle soup, my lovely wife playing nurse, and Jason's Brocolli and cheese soup I'm back!  My wife is a wonderful nurse!  

Thank you Tanna for your comment on my last blog!  I always want to reply but don't know if you get notified of my response!  So here is my response in my post!!!!   And yes, the right place at the right time, it is amazing how God works.....


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