Holiday Photographs

Well it is Sunday night and I'm able to sit down now and put some thoughts down on my blog.  Not that it isn't far from my mind yet it is certainly nice to be here again.  Ginger has been sick with an upper respiratory infection for the past couple of days and I've been playing nurse.  Not that I mind at all, she is such a cute patient.  I've definitely built up my immunity!

So while we were in Iowa, Ginger got her snow.  Record setting snow.  A blizzard hit and we got record snow fall, according to the news, on those particular days.  Look when the state troopers get on the news and say don't go anywhere, well, this Texas boy is listening.  

 My Dad was nice enough to let us park the Xterra in the garage.  Unfortunately his car got the ten inches of snow on it....
 I love the decorations my Mom puts up.  Love the country flair.

For New Years Eve Ginger and I actually ventured out.  Mark and Laura, two very special people who use to live here at the apartments we live at, were throwing an 80's style prom party.  Being that they were the only people we knew there it was a dream for Ginger (people people people!) and me, well, I brought my camera which allowed me to get into my comfort zone.  A couple of my favorite pics:

 Mark setting up the sound system, asking me for an interview....

 This is one of my favorite shots of the night.  Silhouette's are some of my favorite pictures and this one just set up nicely.  That is Laura in the center and oddly enough that is Mark on the right setting up a camera for the photobooth.

And this one is actually a favorite of BOTH Ginger and I.  She actually loved this shot. 

We had a fabulous time and not only did I dance, but Ginger actually says I'm a good dancer!  Whether I am or not, not relevant, Ginger thinks I am!

So my photography skills have improved since last year and I'm almost exclusively loving the manual mode of my camera.  This year I'm trying to learn more about the flash and, well, of course, I'm going to be continuing on my creative moon shots.  Gotta love them.  Of course I spent the Iowa vacation teaching myself Photoshop Elements 11.  I loved the book Classroom in a Book about Photoshop Elements 11.  I can now navigate around without feeling lost and I feel a little more comfortable about post image processing.  Yes, I spent my vacation learning and, well, playing Final Fantasy 7, possible the best video rpg ever!

Anyway, my lovely wife is laying next to me, we are watching the Biggest Loser, and we are ready to start the first full week of 2013.  I pray that God walk with you all and that He bless you, because for Ginger and I He certainly has!  Here is to another year of photos, blogs, and blessings!


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