A Ginger and Paul update!

It has been a wonderful two weeks since I've last blogged.  Ginger and I have spent alot of time with each other, kind of the holiday after the holiday, spending time alone with each other and just, well, having fun. 

Work threw a curve ball at me this week.  It was decided we would start two tone painting the apartments.  I was actually stoked at this idea.  It makes the apartments look much better, but it meant a whole new mindset of painting the apartments now.  It actually takes a different mindset because you have to cut in alot more, and, well, it takes more time.  But I love challenges.  My first two tone, a one bedroom, one bath I was estimated at taking 2 days to paint it, try a day and a half.  Then I had a two bedroom, two bath, which, estimated at 2 1/2 to 3 days I finished in two.  Granted, the carpets were being replaced but this was absolutely good news in my arena.  It meant I had a baseline below the estimate and bonus, I'm only going to get better.  This weekend, however, I decided to stack the odds more in my favor by getting a better brush and guide to push my speed up but keeping my quality at a level that my boss would be happy with.  Quality, to me, is more important than speed.  In the apartment world you need a balance of both.  After all, if you do a lousy job and have to paint it over, well, that never is a good feeling.  When I got off Friday I was sore, tired, and happy.  I'd achieved my quota for the week and felt good about the work I'd done.  And I came home to a very happy wife who was looking forward to seeing her hubby home. 

So how tired was I?  For the first time in a long time I slept late on Saturday, like laying in bed till past 10 late.  Don't get me wrong, I got up and had breakfast, read a little bit while Ginger went to work out and shop, but it was nice being able to just relax.  Finally I got up, did our Walmart run, and did the honey do's that I usually do, but I was well rested for date night!  And date night, in a word, awesome! 

And I am ready to get past the next plateau of photography.  I hit levels where I feel I've learned to a certain point and then I'm ready to move past that level.  So with flash, which I mentioned in my last post, I'm foraying into the portrait world.  Granted, I already have a certain amount of skill in that arena, but now I'm looking for creative, artsy, shots and Ginger is going to be getting ALOT of pictures taken of her in the coming weeks.  I've got all these ideas in my head, now it's just translating them onto the digital sensor.  And with our planned trip to Dallas coming up next month, it seems the perfect time for a photo shoot!  Of course my first love is night photography, and I imagine it always will be.

In the spiritual arena, we heard a wonderful sermon this morning on tolerance and intolerance.  Resinated with my soul.  We absolutely love our church and continue to be fed spiritually from God through Grace.  We continue on this journey called life, we stumble at times, soar at others, and yet God continues to carry us.  Ginger and I are both growing up.  I know that sounds funny, being that we are both adults, but we are learning to make decisions and lean on each other and God.  Standing on our own, at one time, sounded very, very scary.  And yet here we are, so very in love, and maturing.  I remember someone telling us that after a time the magic of love in our lives would fade.  How wrong they were.  It only seems to get stronger.  But we have great role models, our parents, Evan and Tanna, Marian and Alan.  People who have spoken positive words in our lives and showed us that indeed we can make it.   Who would have thought two people who people thought damaged would find such a life, well, God did.  I'd say God did a pretty good job match making and putting people in our lives.


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