Living Life with Bipolar and OCD

It has been a rather busy two weeks for Ginger and I.   Last weekend, well, let's start with the Friday before when I took all the halloween decorations down.  They are fun putting up as it heralds in the Holiday season for Ginger and I.  Putting them up is a couple of hours worth of work, but at the end I had everything put up, well, mostly.  I have a little ode to halloween in my studio:

And then there is a bat that has taken residence in the studio:

I worked last Saturday but had enough energy for our much publicized date night!  Yes, we love our date night!  We had a wonderful night and then Sunday was all about rest for me.  I was wiped out. 

The week, however, had a few surprises in store.  The biggest news of the week was what I did to my hair.  Let's give you a before picture to show you how long it had gotten:

Yep, long haired rocker.  So I decided to go from this to this:

Oh yes, chopped it all off.  Ginger went with me and we got a wonderful stylist who was about as crazy as I am.  We had a wonderful time watching all that hair come off!  And I love the new hair style but Ginger, my wonderful, beautiful wife absolutely LOVES it!  I won't repeat what she said but let's just say she thought I was rather hot, which is all that I needed! 

Friday night we left for Austin to go watch the Longhorns play!  Ginger and I, along with her parents, made the 4 hour track, stayed the night, and were there to show our support for the Longhorns against the Iowa State Cyclones!  Those who know me know I was born and raised in Texas, but I have roots through my parents in Iowa.  There are two big football teams in Iowa, Iowa Hawkeyes and Iowas State Cyclones.  I'm a Hawkeye, through and through.  So I doubly wanted to see the Cyclones defeated, and at 33-7 they were!  We got back in last night and we were tired.  How tired were we?  We went to bed around 11 and woke up around 11!  Yep, we were heathens today but it's something I think God would understand, at least the God we serve.  I'd give you pictures of us at the game but they won't let you take a camera with interchangeable lens into the stadium (those are deemed professional cameras), so I had to just enjoy the game without my camera. 

And now, as I sit here typing this blog out, the TV has the Cowboy game on but I'm half paying attention to it because my beautiful wife is in the kitchen cooking her famous corn tortilla soup.  She gets so excited to cook. 

I've been able to get my camera out a little bit at night and play with the manual settings of the camera.  I love taking pictures at night so here is shot I was working with the other night:

And so our life continues.  We continue to manage the bipolar and OCD and we learn each day how to manage our lives.  Just because Ginger is bipolar, and I'm sober,  doesn't mean we can't enjoy life and these past few weeks have been proof that you can indeed enjoy life.   This week is not too filled up with things and with the weather turning cooler today, I'm forcasting lots of snuggle time on the couch.  Can't go wrong with snuggle time....



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