Anatomy of an Art Design and Ginger's New Look

It has been a good week.  The week started out with me finishing a design project for a Facebook friend who needed some help with creativity.  Ironically, it's a friend from our photography group and it had to do with, of all things, drawing.  So I thought I'd start off this blog with the anatomy of a design and the process it goes through to get to the final product.

The initial idea I was given was two pictures.  My inspiration was to be taken from those pictures, but not copied.  It was to be a logo design for a bakery.  The two pictures given were:

Having drawn designs before, I took the above and my initial sketch just to get an idea out there was this:

Feedback at this point is invaluable.  Sometimes people are afraid to give an honest assessment, however PJ, my friend, was very constructive.  Too muscular, smaller waist and bigger wisp.  So taking the feedback I reworked the drawing to this:

So now things are starting to look better.  Looks more like a woman.  But now we had to do something with her hands, which PJ thought looked awkward (I agreed).  Maybe a tray in one hand, drop the other hand, and put the bakery owner's name on the tray.  So began the final draft:

I was able to take a picture, put it on Photoshop Elements and clean it up a bit for PJ.  Compared to the first inital sketch, this was loads better in my eyes.  It was a work between the both of us, my drawing, and her feedback that led to this. That is how design work is done, at least, for me.  I sent it to her via facebook and she put it in Illustrator, smoothed up the lines and made the wording and font the way she wanted it and the final product looks like this:

Good thing, it needed to be done by this weekend!  It was a lot of fun to do, and God was definitely guiding my hands!

So last week it was my hair that was the big news.  Well, this week Ginger's hair was the topic of conversation.  Ginger told me she was going to do something to her hair and I would be surprised.  I knew she planned on getting it blonder, but I had no idea what she had planned.  Boy, was I surprised in a very good way!

Ooh la la!  Ginger had about 5 inches taken off and really did go blonde!  I was very happily surprised and just like she couldn't take her eyes off me when I cut my hair, I couldn't take my eyes off her!  She's already a very gorgeous woman, this just added to her exquisite beauty!

With Ginger's birthday Monday, I decided to surprise Ginger on date night and take her to go get some boots she wanted (Hubby, listening to her as she went out earlier on her own and found the cutest boots but thought they were too expensive, decided heck, it's her birthday!).  Well, they didn't have her size.  We went to Dillards, they didn't have those boots, and another pair, which was more expensive, didn't have her size either.  SO we ended up going to Cavender's.  Met the nicest sales lady and the picture Ginger had in her head of the boots she wanted were here!  In her size!  And they were cheaper than the other too!  Needless to say, as any woman reading this will know, now come the outfits to fit the boots!  Because of Ginger's weight loss, she needs new clothes anyway, so who am I to complain!  Oh yes, a picture of the boots!

Since I'm on the subject of pictures, your getting a plethora of them today, I decided to take a picture of some change I found in an apartment.  They leave me the pennies, well, here are the pennies they left me:

The pennies in the pan at the top right I've collected in various apartments.  The one's on the bottom all came from one apartment.  Just had to clean the trash out from them, clean a few of them up, and I get a whole bunch of change!  Pennies from heaven is what I believe!

So lastly, a picture I took last night.  I've always wanted to take a picture like this, but I can only do it outside at night with my flash.  Well, technically I could do it inside, but smoking up the apartment with incense smoke trying to get the perfect shot is not recommended!  A little bit of post editing work in Photoshop Elements and you get:

For those on Facebook, you've already seen this shot, but I had to show it again!  You should of seen my face when I first got the shot!  I was like a kid at Christmas!  I'd done it!  All the practice, and getting certain equipment!  As you can see, I've been practicing my photography.  Today I ordered Photoshop Elements 11 with a book to teach me what's new.  I'm stoked.  Of course I'm eying a new lense, but new lenses are expensive, at least to the next level I'm getting to.

I've been having a lot of fun playing with my camera and I think I'm ready to start photographing people a little more!  We'll see, then again, I have the most gorgeous model that I live with!  I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving, I'm so thankful for a loving God and a wonderful, supportive family! 


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