Learning the Ropes of Photography

So I'm getting better, it's been less than a month since my last post!  Better than six weeks hunh!?!  It has been a roller coaster of a month I must say, though I am glad to say that we are on the other side of the month so to speak. 

So I have saturated myself into digital photography.  I have been reading, learning, practicing when I can and learning the in's and out's of my camera.  There is alot to learn.  When you delve from automatic modes to semi automatic modes (Aperture and Shutter Speed) there is a wealth of information to learn.  Delve into the deep water of manual, and full control of the camera and you are swimming in the deep waters.  I have taken many pictures and have learned you take a picture, adjust, take a picture, adjust, well you get the picture.  I can't tell you the joy I have in this learning process and I've gotten some pretty good pictures.  But I am still a beginner.  Sure, I now know the difference between f/2.8 and f/22, but learning the triangle of ISO, shutter speed and aperture and how it applies to exposure is a learning process, but one I'm enjoying.  I've also learned about composition and depth of field (the picture above of Ginger's study Bible is an example).  The joy is getting what you were looking for.  It's an amazing feeling. 

Here is a picture of the flowers Ginger got after her surgical procedure.  I see a pattern of macro shots....

Our wonderful apartment, or at least the steps up to it! 

Another composition.

Just a few shots that I've taken.  Again I've resized the images so that they can be put on the blog easier.  I'm amazed at how well these pictures look full size, the testament to technology.  I've been taking lots of pictures of trees too, and will post some of those soon.

Of course I have a wish list.  I'd love to get a flash gun, some ND grad filters, a polarizer and eventually a newer computer to put Photoshop Elements on.  In time.  With what I have now, I have just enough to learn the basics and as I need (not want) to add to my kit I will. 

Ginger is doing well, as lovely as ever and the love of my life.  I love her so.....


P.S.  Tanna, that was a Purdy brush in the last post!  My favorite and the only brush I use in my job!

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