Thanksgiving recap

On Thursday, Thanksgiving day, Ginger went to her mom's to begin making pies and casserole's and basically, spending a day with Mom. Her Dad had to work, we wouldn't be eating till around 6:30, so they had some time to spend with each other. Sadie, Ginger's dog, had taken a turn for the worst, so it gave Ginger some time with her beloved dog.

So what did Paul do. Well, it started with putting some boxes up. Yeah, it always starts this way. Then I look at the floor, it needs to be swept, and so I thought I'd do it for Ginger. She'd started laundry so I decided to help out with that. And then I was in full clean, make ready mode. I began cleaning baseboards, dusting, wiping faceplates and doors, and I even cleaned the bathroom for her. A couple of hours later, the apartment was cleaned, the laundry was done, the christmas boxes were out. I don't really know what possessed me to do all of this, we would learn later why God put it on my heart to do so.

Friday, Ginger and her Mom took Sadie to the vet and had to make a tough decision. Sadie had cancer and two tumors on her rear leg. The smallest of the two had ruptured, so there was an open wound. Basically, the vet said that they could prolong her life, for a day or so, but it was about quantity of life now, not quality. And so Ginger said goodbye to a family member. Ginger would then say now she knew why I'd cleaned, because she really didn't feel like cleaning this weekend, and I couldn't blame her.

She came home on Friday and honestly wanted to just sleep. We were going to go get a Christmas tree, and it looked as if we might postpone it. But we didn't. I talked with Ginger a bit, I let her get some of her grief out, and she decided, hey, let's go ahead and do it. Again, God intervened. We went out to eat (she wanted to eat out) and then went and got our tree. Ginger's mood was elevating. It was the first tree we actually saw, and we knew it was the one. We got the tree, and brought it home. As soon as we put it up (it's a real tree) we knew God had led us to the right one. We pulled out the decorations and began decorating. We decided we needed to go to Walmart to get a few things and suddenly we were on a road trip at 9pm! We were having a blast. We got home and continued to decorate, Ginger doing the tree decorations, and I worked on the mantel. I'd move some things around and then Ginger would look, move some things, then I would, until...perfection. We turned the lights off, lit the candles, and turned on the Christmas lights and suddenly we were transformed into the Christmas spirit.

Our apartment, yeah we swear she is alive, well, you could almost hear the joy she had in this creative transformation we had embarked upon. She gave her approval and if she could cry tears of joy, she would have. From the passing away of a beloved pet to the making of holiday memories we had experienced a wide range of emotions this day. But we'd done more. Ginger and I both love going to our parents house at Christmas. There is a feeling there, one of home and comfort, of the Christmas spirit.

Well, what we had found, as we sat on the couch is that we had created that exact same feeling in our home. Don't get me wrong, we love going to our parents house, however, now, we didn't have to go anywhere to get that feeling, we could go into our living room and we had that same vibe, that same essence. It is born out of love. Go to either of our parents house you get the feeling of love, and family, and, most importantly God. Our parents taught us well. And we were able to start our own tradition, in our own home, and the feeling of contentment is indescribable.
As my Mom said, we are making memories.

So we mourn the loss of our beloved pet and yet what comforts Ginger the most is that she is running around in heaven. Do animals go to heaven? Who knows, but if it lessens the grief, then I say run Sadie run! We've had lots of highs and lows this holiday, but we are thankful, we are so thankful. Needless to say, right now we are sitting in the living room, our Christmas lights on, the candles going, and so in love with each other and with these memories we've made....


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