Week 24 and 25: Wedding Pictures and Fun on the Ranch

So for those that noticed, and some did, I did not blog last week.  It was Father's Day for one and I spent time with my lovely wife and our little fur daughter.  Plus the day before I had shot my first wedding as the lead photographer.  I had an absolute blast and shot 389 pictures that I have begun to go through and edit.  I have already started but some of my favorites are:

Santiago and Erica

So Erica is one of Ginger's best friends, so it was an honor to be able to take pictures of the wedding and reception.  But the next day I was definitely tired.  So I got to have a long talk with not only my Dad but my Mom who just had a birthday (no age will be given lol!) and I got to take a nice nap. 

During the week I was able to take some fun shots:

I love interesting cloud shots and this one was a lot of fun. 

Another on the same day.

And here is another spark shot.  I have another idea for a spark shot that I am working on but I am having to prepare some stuff for it.  That and it is summer now and it is HOT!

So this weekend I was able to have another fun photography outing.  In fact, I was able to teach photography to three of Rebecca's grand kids.  This was a LOT of fun!  So I got disposable camera's so that they could take pictures and then I took pictures of them taking pictures!  After a little "class", Rebecca took us around the ranch to different spots so we could take pictures.  Shy at first, they really warmed up and you should have seen them running around looking for dragon flies and such.  Such a fun day and shots, oh yes, I got shots.  Actually, 40 in all.  But here are a couple:

And of course a couple for me:

Yes, I love bugs.  Especially cool bugs.  After the past couple of weeks I am really contemplating upgrading my camera.  But as Ginger knows all too well, that will take a lot of research and contemplating.  As it is I am having a blast.

So I have spent the day editing photos (though I did get a little nap lol).  I like that part of the job as well, believe it or not, because I can see pictures come to life.  You never know the gems you are going to find!  Well Ginger is cooking, so I need to get in there and see if I can help.  Thank you everyone for your love and support.

Quickly, Ginger's anxiety attacks have lessened.  Last week was a lot better week than the last so please continue to pray that she continues to get better! 



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