Week 18-20: Storm clouds, Georgia, and a Special Wedding

Well we are back from Georgia, safe and sound!  We got back last weekend and it has taken us this week to get all settled again and back in the groove.  I took a vacation from blogging too, figured I would concentrate on taking good pictures.  So I have pictures from Week 18 to 20.  Shall we start?

Yes, this is a real picture.  The week before we left we had a series of storms come through.  This particular one, while ominous looking, was not that severe, for Tyler.  We actually left for Georgia ahead of the storm that would drop tornadoes on Canton.  It chased us all the way to Georgia, but by the time it hit there it wasn't that severe.

We had happy times in Georiga!  I do not say this lightly.  Mark and Jenny's house is a sanctuary.  It is one of just a handful (I can count on one hand) of places that I feel safe and at peace.  For someone who does not like to travel much it is huge.  It is a covering, a Godly covering.  I feel the same covering when I visit my parent's house in Iowa.  It's not the house, it is the people and their values.  They are creatives, art work is everywhere, and for an artist, it is heaven.  So I was able to go to Mrytle Hill Cemetery, a Civil War Era Cemetery and walk around and take pictures.  But what it allowed me to do is take a panorama of Rome Georgia:

I did make the clouds a bit darker.  I also had to stand on a roof that had a sign that said, do not stand on roof!  Ginger's Lil Rebel.  It was the second day of pictures here, it was raining off and on, but there was a moment that I could get the 10 shots that would make this shot.  It is a little otherworldly, but I like it that way.

This is the only one I could find that said Confederate Veteran.  To me that was just too cool.

We did spend a night in a bed and breakfast in Chattanooga, Tennessee.  We had the only room that had a personal balcony.  Here is a night shot (2 Minute exposure):

And here is the sunrise the next morning overlooking the Tennessee River.

Lots of good shopping downtown as well!  Since we do not have a Rocket Fizz in Tyler anymore I was overjoyed to see one here!  And they had a Moon Pie shop!

There will be more pictures to come, just had to put up some of my favorites! 

This Friday I was able to go to a dear friends wedding.  In the weddings I have helped photograph (I was just a audience member in this wedding) usually I was in charge of getting the kiss.  This one, of all the one's I have taken, is the most special of moments:

Moriah is a very, very special friend of mine.  One of the first people I met when I got to East Texas, she has remained a good friend and James is a very blessed man!  Her family is a joy to be around and they all love God with all their heart.  Here is her reaction after that kiss:

 Made me remember the first time I kissed Ginger and yes, it was that magical.  Moriah, I feel your joy!  It is so good to see her this happy, she deserves it!

Thank you all for your prayers!  Had fun taking these pictures and realized I need a dedicated lens to do more landscape photography.   Fun money here I come!  Love you all my family and friends!


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