Week 50-52 Photos from Colorado, Ginger and Church

So when we last left our masked crusader....(That show and saying go back a lonnnng time ago....).

Okay, so when I last left I said I was going to Colorado with my lovely wife so my post would be delayed for the next week.  In that time I have gone to Colorado and back, found out I had the flu when I got back and had Christmas!  So did not have computer in Colorado to post, having the flu I did not want to do much of anything, and then we were busy this weekend having a wonderful time with family!  But I have been taking pictures the whole time and I have pictures for Week 50, 51 and 52 all here with me today!

So a bit on the adventure that we called Colorado!  So being the one who does not necessarily like traveling I was organized out the wazoo.  I had maps, directions, reservations, and boarding passes all printed out and ready for us.  We left early, deciding to have lunch when we got to the airport.  Did you know they have a Pappadeaux's at Terminal A?  A little bit of fried alligator for me thank you very much!  Those that know me probably know it was a miracle I ate, but I was as relaxed as I could be!  And so the first picture is of Ginger at Pappadeaux (I love this picture!  I'm telling you, I have one very beautiful wife....)

So we got to Denver with little fan fare.  The turbulence going into Denver was a little rocky but Ginger had my hand to squeeze (and that she did!).

If you have never been to Denver Airport it can be somewhat tricky.  They have three terminals with a tram connecting them to the main terminal.  You get out, go to the tram, go to the main terminal, get out, go up and then there are these four pillars with names of airlines and which way your baggage claim for that terminal is.  Somewhat confusing but we found ours and our luggage.  We got on the rental car bus to get to our car and then off to Georgetown!  We got to Georgetown (it was around 35 degrees), got to the cabin, walked in and brrrrrr!  It was 33 degrees in the cabin.  Seems the heat was not turned on.  We turned on the heat and went into Georgetown to eat.  We got back to the cabin around 10 or so and went to unpack.  That is when we discovered that none of the faucets worked and the water in the toilets was frozen solid.  So began the phone calls.  Everyone was gracious, accommodating, and plans were made for another cabin close by for the next day.  There was some question on whether the water was on and should we stay there that night.  Well, Ginger and I bundled up, got under about 6 blankets and went to sleep.  At 3 in the morning Ginger wakes up, goes to the stairs, and says honey, I hear water.  Sure enough, go down into the kitchen and water is coming out of the light fixtures.  The water was indeed on.  I was afraid the pipes were going to burst.  Well, I am a contractor by trade after all, I go outside, find the water cutoff, pray I don't need tools, and turn off the water.  It worked.  Ginger went back to bed and I ended up staying up the rest of the night just to make sure nothing else busted.  Not that time was wasted.  I had brought my tripod with me (put it in the checked bag), so I hooked it up with my camera and as the sunrise came and light filled the sky I got this shot:

In some circles we call this the money shot.  Photographers talk about some of the things they go through to get that one shot that you just look at and say, wow.  The cabin below, the tree in the middle of the two big trees and the mountain, well I was pretty excited.  I wouldn't know, however, how good it was until I got it on my computer a week later!

Here is a picture of the busted pipes that were repaired:

So we got into another cabin (A Big thank you to Larkin and Jim!) and we settled into a routine of sleeping late, going shopping, going out to eat, and relaxing in the cabin.  We took a fantastic ride on the Georgetown Railroad I might add!  The altitude messed with me and the whole fear of traveling thing, especially with just one major road going through the mountains!  But Ginger was a doll and I was able to open up to her about it all.  On that Wednesday we got about a foot of snow!  At the other cabin another favorite photo:

And outside the cabin:

 We left Denver on Friday.  I had been hearing all week about Winter Storm Decima.  What a name right, as in decimate?  We left right on time.  It was in the 40's when we left and sunshine.  Apparently, not 24 hours later, it was 0 degrees, 9 inches of snow, and delays and cancellations everywhere!

So we get back and get settled back.  I had a doctor's appointment scheduled for Tuesday, just a regular check up.  I noticed I had a sore throat and I was feeling achy.  When I went to the doctor, he checked me out and then said he'd do a flu test because he had been seeing mild cases of the flu.  On Wednesday morning the results were in and I had the flu!  Got on Tamiflu which helped out immensely as well as a wonderful wife taking care of her sick hubby!  I wanted to be better by Christmas!  Actually, Wednesday, the day I got the Tamiflu, was my worst day.  Once I got on the meds, I was feeling a lot better.  Still sick, but not kill me now sick.  So Christmas Eve I was better and we got to go to our churches Christmas Eve service.  Another Ginger pic!

The stage set up (from last Sunday):

The violin from the Christmas Eve service (I love violin's!)

Christmas day was great, surrounded by family, getting text messages from my family, good food, and yes we even got some good presents.  The funnest past was just being around everyone and celebrating the real reason for the season, Christ.  We are truly a blessed family and Ginger and I are thankful to each and every one of you that are part of our lives.


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