Pictures from Iowa Trip and Halloween Decorating!

It has been a fabulous month since I've written last!  In that time I went to Iowa to visit my Mom and Dad came back and then took a mini vacation to Hot Springs, Arkansas with my lovely wife!  Both vacations were much needed, not only on a spiritual and emotional level, but a creative level as well.  I was recharged in many different way, and creatively, I was able to take some beautiful pictures.  I have finally gotten the pictures from Iowa sifted and edited. 

My parents have two cats, Abraham and Sarah.  Abraham was a photographer's dream.  He posed (without knowing) and basically just acted like the cat he is.  Sarah was a little harder.  She is shy, but I was able to get a fantastic shot of her and she didn't fuss a bit!

 The above was, by far, my favorite shot of Abraham.  I decided to convert it to black and white to see how it would look.

My Dad is quite an accomplished wood worker.  Around the house are many bird houses that my Dad has made, this is one of them:

One of my favorites, however is this one:

Now both my Mom and Dad have green thumbs.  Ever since I was little, they have.  One of the things that I was able to do is get up in the morning with the sun coming up, and enjoy the beauty of the garden.  With camera, flash and tripod in hand I was able to take some pictures.  The morning dew allowed some pretty spectacular shots.  Here are my favorites:

And finally, my Dad and I were able to take a walk along the river behind my Uncle Mike's farm house.  This big rock has been there since I was a kid.  My Dad says my Mom and Dad's initials are in one of the trees around there too.  I thought that was cool.

While on the walk Dad and I ran into a Duck with her chicks:

The trip was absolutely needed.  I actually drove straight up there, which took a total of about 15 hours.  That is a long drive, but one I needed.  I had some good talks with God, or should I say I did a lot of listening to God talking to me, and the tail end of the trip saw me singing classic rock tunes from the classic rock radio station.  My Mom and Dad had their homemade soup and homemade rolls waiting for me and I knew then, it was going to be fantastic!

The drive up was a breeze, the drive back was long, a back up in Oklahoma city, and stopped traffic in Denton.  Took a little over 16 hours to get back.  Next time, going alone, I believe I am going to fly.  Yes, you save money by driving but oooh wee, construction on Friday's is no fun!

The good news, when we got back it was time for Fall shopping and decorating for fall!   One of the things that my Dad actually found in Hobby Lobby in Iowa I bought for our decorations.  It fit Ginger and I perfectly.  In fact, Dad said Paul and Ginger when he showed me:

Frankenboy and Frankengirl (I know, she's a witch, the names, however, stuck) and that is Sparky, our beloved squirrel.  

We decided on purple lights this year and I found some led purple lights that can actually be switched to orange.  Here are some pics:

 Our Candy Corn place setting.

Our fireplace that I creatively made the fireplace glow...

 Had to have orange lights light up our hallway.

My Dad's house that he built me, hauntified, with some items Dad helped me pick out.

And of course our resident ghost, Spooky, residing in Spooky's Perch!

 I will post pictures of Hot Springs as soon as I am able to sift through and edit them.  Enjoy these pictures!



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