A Beautiful Spider and more

It has been quite a while since I've blogged.  As you can see by the picture above I have indeed been taking pictures.  This little beauty, well, I'd say it was a good 4 to 5 inches from from to back, was very photogenic.  I had the sun coming in from the side and I actually used a flash to light up from the other side.  Yep, I once was a person who did not use flash.  But I've become unafraid of it now.  It can be quite complicated but through books and different blogs I've been able to take baby steps out into the real world. I took a good 15 shots to get the one I liked.  But time, and the number of shots, blurs during the process.  Taking photo's, for me, is just fun.  Here is another photo using flash (and my new umbrellas!)

An actual rainbow rose from Fresh, that I just bought for Ginger for a just because I love you moment. 

We also had this little friend decide to show up in our backyard.  We have heard them for a long time but never saw one.  Thank goodness for a zoom lense!

In other news, I am getting ready to go to Iowa for a week!  I'm going up there to see my Mom and Dad and take a much needed vacation!  It is going to be MUCH cooler up there and I'm actually going to need to take a jacket!  Both my Mom and Dad wanted me to fly up there, but I will be driving so I can take my array of camera equipment up there and take pictures.  Plus I am looking forward to the drive.  I'm going to relax and get my cat fix (my parents have two beautiful cats, Abraham and Sarah). 

Work has been busy and hectic.  For a little while I was doing both the painting and the make ready of the apartments.  It was quite a tall order.  But we just hired a new painter, so now I can concentrate on the make ready aspect of the apartments.  It has been quite an undertaking, but I was taught really well by my partner, now service manager, Gale, and one of our other maintenance team members Joe.  Both have been invaluable in helping me learn some of the aspects of my job and I wouldn't know what I do without their help. 

I've been dealing with a little bit of depression, something that I think the vacation will help with.  I have a tendency to close up within myself when I feel depressed, but Ginger has been invaluable in helping me as I talk about my feelings and what is going on in my head.  No worries, I'm definitely headed out of the depression, but I've never been one to shy away from my short comings.  I have felt God walking with me through it all and He continues to show me His perspective as I rely on Him and not my feelings.  What a wonderful God we serve!

I pray everyone is doing well, God is good, and I hope to post some pictures of my trip! 


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