Creative Moon Photography

So amazingly enough, I was out this week taking more pictures.  It'd been a LONG time since I'd taken pictures of the moon.  A lot of factors involved with that, some that I've posted about, but the important thing is I was out at night, with my camera, tripod, and remote release after work.  I hadn't been able to get the special effects shot the last time I tried the moon so I was a little trepidatious.  I made sure all the equipment was working (i.e. set the Mirror Lock up, turned off image stabilization, and had the remote release working) and took a test shot.  I took it at 1/40 of a second just to make sure I had the moon lined up:

250mm f5.6 ISO0100 1/40 sec

Now for the real test.  From my past shots I knew around the settings I wanted.  I switched to manual mode, put in my values, and clicked.  It was a long 2.5 seconds.  And then I looked at the preview and got....

250mm f8.0 ISO0100 2.5 sec

And there was my glow!  My neighbor was out talking to me so I couldn't quite do a happy dance right there, but it'd been a long time!  The glow on the limbs, the ethereal glow, I was a very happy photographer!  It is the small things, I know.  Ginger pulls up from working out and there I am out with my camera.  She gives me a kiss and goes inside, knowing that behind the camera I am a very happy artist indeed!

My favorite shot of the night:

250 mm f8.0 ISO0100 .5 sec

What I have different now, however, is the full suite of Photoshop to use.  Since I take my pictures in RAW, I'm able to make adjustments and even reduce camera shake within the picture.  Just small adjustments but one's that make the photograph pop. 

These are the type of moon shots I enjoy taking.  And since my last series of shots in February, it has been a long time coming to see these shots again!  Of course since that time I've studied more about night photography and made a few adjustments in my camera.  As well, I've been learning some Photoshop techniques to help with tweaking my photographs.  Of course the biggest thing these photographs did was give me a spark, and now that artistic eye, which seemed to be sleeping, has opened wide!  Praising God for that spark!


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