Christmas Pictures!

It has been a while since I've blogged (looking at the last post it has been 3 months).  Again, not that it has been far from my mind, but finally I've etched out some time to post some pictures and update those who follow on how things have progressed in Ginger and I's fairy tale life!

I've been dealing with a bit of lethargy.  Part of it is the medication for high cholesterol that I had to let stabilize, and learn it was affecting various aspects of my life.  I also was dealing with a bit of depression, that I've documented before, that I deal with at various times.  Nothing life threatening, mind you, just more lethargy more than anything else.  But God brought someone in my life who is dealing with similar issues and I've been able to identify at least part of the problem (Thanks Tedster!).  Of course now the ball is in MY court.  I've been in that place before, knowing the issue is the first step, the next step is action.

So it was rather interesting that after a walk with Ginger this afternoon I decided to start taking some pictures of our Country Christmas Bed and Breakfast themed apartment!  Using what I've learned about Exposure and using my tripod I had a blast!   But I took it a step further.  I've been studying about RAW format of photographs and working with RAW in Photoshop.  So I took a variety of pictures, uploaded them to the computer, pulled out my notes, and began playing.  So for your enjoyment:

 I built some shelves for Ginger and her candle collection.  She absolutely fell in love with it!  She has alot of candles....

 This is our mantle.  You may not be able to notice, but I have a Christmas tree in the house on the mantel my Dad built.  I wrapped some battery powered small lights around it so you can see the lights through the windows!  (I'm big on the little details).  For those of you who see the small stocking, that is for SPARKY. 

 This is Peppermint Place!  On our hutch in the dining room, I was feeling especially creative.  Again, Ginger just loved it!  I love doing stuff like this. 

 Our coffee mug shelves with candles!

 This was a gift from a very dear friend of Ginger and I's, Rebecca.  (It was in Rebecca's cabin that I actually proposed to Ginger in!)  I was feeling especially creative.

 This is our beautiful Christmas Tree for 2014!  Ginger is the decorator, I just put the lights on!

 One of our purchases this year that we absolutely love!  We are big on Cranberries and we just loved this for our door.

And last but not least a new type of ornament for our tree this year.

I had alot of fun using my 50mm lens to take these pictures.  Combined with my tripod, I was able to take some low light pictures and, using what I've learned about exposure, was able to have a little fun creatively. 

God continues to be so very good to Ginger and I!  We are excited about this Christmas, Ginger's sister is suppose to be coming, Uncle Dino's and Aunt Susie are here from Greece, and my Mom and Dad will be coming around my birthday (which is my Christmas and Birthday present!)  Thank you everyone for your love and support!  Thank the Lord for all the wonderful people and family that God has put in our lives!


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