Fall Shopping and Spiders

Well we kicked off the Labor Day weekend with our annual Fall shopping trip.  Sure enough I see the following sign at Michael's and just had to have it!  But for the most part we it was candles, some cute plaques, and cute things to go around the apartment for fall.  I did get a small glitter pumpkin with a color changing led in it, something about lights I just love!  And of course we had to get some pretty soap for the bathroom (I think it is a girl thing!).  The little chalk board with the clip on the top we found at Pier One Imports and we absolutely love it! 

It has been quite a ride for the past two months.  I decided to go dark on social media for awhile.  Sometimes there are things that you go through that it is best not to blast over the internet and let your family and friends help you through the storms of life.

The good news is that the new company that took over the apartment complex I work at hired me on!  It was an answered prayer but not quite the way that I thought it would be answered!  God is full of surprises, wonderfully so!  My prayer, as I was waiting to see if I would be hired, was that God would make it in such a way that I could only give Him the credit.  It's how I got the job in the first place and so I just wanted to be able to give Him the glory.  In the end, I could not give a person, not one, the credit, only God.  But there was so much more that God revealed.  My Dad told me that God was trying to get my attention.   And again God uses my Dad to reconfirm what God has been speaking to my heart.

I've had a longing to go back to school.  And I just needed a push in the right direction to begin the process of researching that avenue.  Whether Photography or Graphic Arts, I've already begun teaching myself Photoshop.  I've subscribed to Adobe and gotten access to the full suite of Photoschop CC.  I have no idea how God is going to work this out, but with confirmation I believe His plan is in motion.  I just have to have the courage to walk through the doors he opens and close the doors he closes.  So continue to pray that God will continue to guide me in the path He wishes for me.

So speaking of pictures, I have some pretty pictures of a spider.  Yeah, I have a fascination with spiders and webs.

Still love my camera and now I've become interested in photomanipulation (where the levitation pictures come in).  And I've finally gotten a Kindle Fire HDX.  Ginger has been wanting me to get one so I can read my books and magazines digitally.  Bonus, I can put my music on there.  So now I am getting up to speed on apps, touch screens, side loading apps and book formats.   Oh yeah, and I've been playing massive amounts of Scrabble with Ginger (which I think secretly is why she wanted to me get a Kindle in the first place!)

All said, Ginger and I are doing wonderful!  I'm married to my soul mate and she compliments me in such wonderful and amazing ways.  I'm so thankful to God for such a beautiful, loyal, and faithful wife.  So as everyone can see, God continues to mold us, love on us, grow us, and comfort us.  God is good.


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