Happy Mother's Day! Pictures and Projects

So this weekend I was purusing the photography magazines at Barnes and Nobles and Hastings when I came across a picture that I wanted to do.  This one specifically was merging two pictures together into one in-camera (A cherry blossom tree and a side portrait).  My camera does not do that in-camera so I set out to figure out how to replicate the picture with Photoshop Elements.  (The picture in question is in the new issue of Popular Photography which I bought).  So when I got home, grabbed my camera and took a couple of pictures for my project and got to work, work that was fun!  Below are my finished pieces.

This was the one I finally put the finishing touches on this morning:

And this is the one I did after using more efficient techniques.

I had loads of fun learning about layer masks, selections, and merging.  Oh yes, I have the photography bug bad!

This afternoon I set out to take some pictures of some roses by our home.  It was Ginger's idea to put some water on them!  Here are the favorites:

Fitting I'd be taking pictures of roses on Mother's Day!  Speaking of which I am trying to get this post done so that I can text my Mom and tell her she has a post to look at!  I have the best Mom in the world to me!  (Had to put to me, because for Ginger her Mom is the best and so on)   So lets just say that for me God could not have chosen a better Mom to raise me and could not have given me a better Mom to encourage me on my journey through life.    I'm thankful for my Mum!  Enjoy the pictures!


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