Photography Mojo is back!

Well it has been absolutely wonderful having the camera attached once again to my hand!  Thanks to all who gave me encouragement, I do indeed feel much better!  And the inspiration and creativity, well, that has come back as well.  It's amazing, your creative eye gets covered and you feel you can't see anything.  But once it is uncovered, it is like a flood, all the sudden you look at everything and begin framing things in your mind to take pictures.  And I've indeed been taking them, over a 100 between two Easter Spring Flings and just some creative shots.  Here are a few of my favorites:

The two girls had just met this day and became fast friends
This was probably my favorite shot of the day
Whatcha doin?
This was the Spring Fling the next week and they had hula hoops!
My favorite shot of this day
I love webs, decided to use my 100mm Macro
Just loved the web design
I love the rain drops on the grass
I've also recently gotten two new toys.  I love light painting photography and both of these lights were not only inexpensive (the light "saber" was $3 and the Blacklight was $10).  I was really excited about the black light.  I have yet to begin "painting" but I've got ideas already running around in my head. 

As far as my mental state, I'm in a much better place.  I'm back on the computer again and I've been able to do a lot of computer house cleaning and organizing.  Still have a lot to go but I love the process.  Ginger and I have been doing fantastic, no, FANTASTIC!  God is good.  And I'm currently researching lenses for my next purchase.  One is a 70-200mm Sigma lens, currently $200 off for $1200 and is suppose to be comparable to the $2400 Canon Lens (yep, $2400!) of the same focal length.  Pro quality for portraits.  OR there is another Sigma lens, a 150-500mm for $900, that I would use mainly for moon shots, lightning shots and getting far away shots (wildlife or people far away).   Decisions, decisions!  Of course I've been on the fence over these two lenses for awhile!  I know I'll be led in the right direction since I'm still undecided but until then, researching is fun!

Anyway, enough lens talk.  I always get excited talking about photography.  In about a month I'm going to get to see my brother, his family and my Mom and Dad!  My youngest nephew is graduating high school!  Can't wait to see everyone! 

Well, we are under storm watches now, so I've been checking out the weather.  Thank you all for your support and encouragement (I want to give a special thank you to Evan, who I had quite a nice talk with and who helped me in ways God knows.  Not only did he validate my feelings but he gave me some good perspective).   I can't say it enough, God is good because in the midst of it all, I'm never, ever alone.


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