Goofy Cake Design and Family

Well it has been awhile since I've posted, the holiday's are a busy time for Ginger and I!  I did see a negative comment about my last design post, I deleted it.  If your going to leave a negative comment have the decency not to hide behind an Anonymous sign.  And considering that this blog is written mainly for my family and friends, it is there opinions I value, not you Anonymous, and to them, contrary to your belief, I am quite talented.  I could write more of a response but enough on that! 

Ginger and I are in a fairly cold Iowa now!  Mom and Dad, my brother and his youngest son, and Ginger and I!  We got in yesterday after driving all day and today we have absolutely relaxed!  I had some real Brazilian coffee this morning (from San Paulo) that my Mom's boss brought back from Brazil.  Ginger and I did some shopping, I got to get a few photography magazines and Ginger was able to get some rain/snow boots.  And then of course, there is the Cowboys game and we won! 

Okay before we left we got to welcome our friends and family from Greece back!  Uncle Dino's and Aunt Susi have made it, with Deedee there beloved dog!  And, of course, Asia, Teddy's wife from Greece finally made it here after a horrendous time with paperwork.  So Teddy had me take a couple of pictures and manipulate them to get Asia's picture in the funny photo so they could scan it on a cake!  Here is the final product!

So we are celebrating a wonderful Christmas here in Iowa with my family and then we will come back to celebrate Christmas with Ginger's family.  I'll give updates throughout the week, already I'm full from good food!  Hope everyone is having a good weekend!


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