Roaches and Love

 Well I've taken some pretty interesting pictures this week. These first two show the condition that some people decide to live in.  I'm amazed sometimes at the filth that people will live in and wonder how people can live like this.  There were small children in here too, and they were wondering why their children were getting sick.  And yet I realize that some people are raised in such conditions and this may very well seem normal.  I mean if your not taught to clean, do you ever take the initiative to learn?

Away from roaches and on to accomplishment.  This next picture is a picture of an extremely hard feat:

Ah yes, I've talked about it for awhile, Final Fantasy X.  I finally obtained the Mark of Conquest!  The Mark of what.....  Okay, for those that care, and even for those that don't you can breeze over these details.  To get the Mark you have to capture 10 of every normal creature in the game.  It takes approximately 50-75 hours of game time to do this.  Then go to the monster arena, shown here, talk to the old man and then fight 13 area creations, 10 species creations, and I believe 8 or 9 original creations.  To even accomplish defeating those, you have to build up your stats, another 25 hours of game you can breeze through those to unlock Nemesis, who has 10,000,000 hit points.  Put the smack down on Nemmy and you get the Mark of Conquest.  Bored yet?  Some of you may ask why?  To which I answer, why not!  Kinda like beating the Chocobo Trainer, which took approximately 12 hours, to say you can!

The next shot is of my work uniform!  Yes, I wear bandanna's at work.  It keeps my long hair from getting paint on it.  Is my hair long?  He he he, yes, it is getting quite long.  Want to know a secret?  I've always wanted long hair.  I'll have to take a picture of it...

And lastly, I've saved the best, or sweetest, for last.
It's amazing what you will find in an apartment.  Ginger loves candles, and I have to say that I do to.  We have several.  But this one OBVIOUSLY made me think of Ginger.  We really do have a special love it is truly amazing.  What makes it amazing?  God is the center of it.  God is the glue that holds our love together.  Oh there are other things.  How often do you find someone who is totally loyal and trustworthy to you?  How often do you find a beauty that is as gorgeous on the inside that is on the outside as well?  I treat my wife like that treasure that she is and I have to say I get treated pretty special.  We don't go to bed angry with each other, we don't say harsh words to each other, we don't call each other names, and we especially don't hit each other.  We respect each other's boundries and we communicate.  Have we had issues to work through, yes we have, but we go through them together.  I'm amazed at the amount of abuse some people put up with in the name of love.  If your boundaries are constantly being pushed aside by someone who wants to dominate that isn't love.  If you say no and they keep on, that isn't love.  And if they want a fight, if they want you to fight back, if they are mean and abusive, that isn't love.   If they fantasize about other women but you, that isn't love.  They may care, they may provide, but if you aren't the crown jewel to them, if you are the most precious, priceless, gem on the face of the earth, then in my opinion something is wrong.  You may ask, what do I know about this, well, alot in fact.  But God brought along a special angel to me when I stopped trying to look for love, in all the wrong places I might add.  Believe me, I want Ginger to know each day what a Godsend to my life she has been.   Funny thing is, God cleaned me up and THEN brought her along.  I had to learn to be comfortable in my own skin and in my own heart before I could share my heart.  God has been so good to us and I'm happy to say that I have a very blessed life.....


P.S.  Another picture hot off the camera, my new bandanna's!  80's rock lives on!
To which Ginger comments, those are for work right?

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