Playing with my Camera

Well I'm getting better, it's not six weeks since my last post!!!!   After the holiday's and the blur that it was, it's been nice to get back to some kind of routine again.   And since Ginger and I both stepped back from Celebrate Recovery to rest a bit, it has been nice to relax.  I've taken off in my new hobby, digital photography, and I must say that I'm absolutely loving it.  Funny, like drawing where you look for that certain composition, photography is much the same way.  Yeah, Paul the artist.  I'll be driving home from work and looking for that composition in the sky, or even here at home.  So here are a few of my attempts into photography:

 This is one of my favorite shots so far.  Taken in back of our apartment, this was one of my first attempts at photographing the moon.  I've since gotten very detailed shots of the moon but this one was a happy accident.  This is a resized version, when you look at the unmodified version you see the moonlight on the tree limbs quite clearly.  Leave it to an artist...

 One of my attempts at macro photography on Ginger's makeup table.  I remember walking by and seeing this and thinking, this would make a good shot.  I love the blurriness in the left (meant to be that way).  To me it has an antique feel with a bit of the modern. 
I was at work and thought I'd practice some more with macro type photography.  I composed the shot to include two items I use everyday.  The brush is my favorite (all painters have their favorite), and my professional roller has rocked for over a year. 

Just a few of my favorite pics as I continue to learn.  I love getting photography magazines now and learning.  I'm finding my likes (I love ambient, or natural, light as opposed to flash photography) and what I don't care for (I haven't ventured to Photoshop yet, I tend to be more on the side of a purist).  It has opened up quite a creative outlet for me.  Lens can be expensive, but I've got a couple of decent quality lens as I practice so I can learn which one's I really want to invest in.  When the spring comes I'm super excited to try my hand at lightning photography, something I've always been fascinated with.  That, and tornadoes, but my wife isn't going to let me go storm chasing any time soon....

I'd post this stuff on facebook but they have a policy of being able to use any photo that you put on there, which is not something I'm comfortable with.  May get on Flickr soon, which will allow me a place to upload and share with other photographers.  Ginger is happy with how much I'm enjoying my new camera, and she remains my favorite subject to photograph! 

Tonight is date night, and I'm looking forward to taking the most beautiful girl in the world out tonight.  I'm so very blessed. 


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