Halloween Party 2011

 So on Saturday, October 29th, we finally had our Halloween Party.  Here were the hosts for our little get together.  Yes that is Ginger and I.  I was "The Rocker" and Ginger was the Blue Haired Drummer for our fictious band, Pierced Heart.  (Mom, the tattoo on the arm is temporary!).  Below are some pictures of my outfit:

The pants were rather snug, but you'll see my artistic flair as I put the names of bands and some of the songs I like from them on the pants.  You could say they are one of a kind!  The shirt is my own design too, made with permanent marker.  I made us backstage passes to wear and the gloves we found that day and Ginger was the one who helped me pick them out!  I was not, however, allowed to wear any makeup (Mom breathes a sigh of relief), Ginger does draw the line there!  Plus we were looking for fun, not creepy!  The riding crop that I hung on my belt loop was just an added touch and a source of many a laugh!  Amy walked into our party took one look at me and said, "Paul, you'd dress like this everyday if you could, right?"  "Absolutely!"  But alas, I'll settle for one night of the year! 

So on to the decorations:

 The lights themselves were already up at the beginning of October, but for the party Ginger and I placed candles around, put webbing up, and put our crafts we made up.  Our thought was to have just candelight going, except in the bedroom and studio, where we had red lights going.  We wanted to give the apartment an ambience that people would enjoy.  I spent an hour each on the pumpkins below:

 Overall the party was a hit.  Ginger's cousin and his fiance (from Greece, never been to America) were there.  She walked in and began taking pictures of everything!  Erica and John, Amy, Ben, and Eden their little daughter, and Jen along with Teddy and Asia enjoyed the festivities.  We had cupcakes from Ginger, chips and dip, carrots, candy corn, candy, it was a really fun time.  And House of Hair came on at 9, so we even had music!  (Of course we had Halloween Fun Music playing too). 

What made this night so special is that we were all sober.  Oh we had our goofy moments, like putting candy corn on our incisors and having Erica take pictures of us (they are on facebook).  It was just a night of good friends getting together and letting our hair down so to speak.  Ginger and I were the only one in costume, and that was fine with us.  

We could have invited all of you, but we were trying to be considerate of our neighbor's.  Of course our resident stuffed ghost, Spooky, was there, handing out the candy to our guests.  I am a silly one.  And on Monday, actual Halloween, I got to dress up again with Ginger!  We took the pumpkins over to Ginger's parents house and helped pass out candy!  That was a blast!  And we walked down the street to see other decorations and spectacles.  My favorite was the little kids laying in the yard of a house, you'd walk up and they'd sit up and scream!  Oh that was great!  So Halloween was fun.  On to the wedding of Teddy and Asia on Friday!

As a side note, it may seem a little strange, but I prayed with Ginger before the party that the night would be glorifying to God.  And you know what, it was.....


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