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So has anyone noticed it is a little hot?  Okay, maybe like majorly hot.  Heat wave hot.  I know, we live in Texas, however, this is hot even for us.  I get asked all the time whether I worked in the heat today.  Well, yes, eventually I do have to venture out into it, but at least I work mostly in the AC (if the AC is working in the apartment), and I can always walk to the office and stand in the AC and cool off.  If the AC is not working in the apartment, the secret is getting it painted before 1 pm.  By then the humidity is jacked up enough to cause you to sweat profusely.  Of course my secret is plenty of water and gatorade.  Typically in a day it is not uncommon to go through a gallon of water and gatorade.  May seem like alot, but hey, I haven't had any problems this summer with the brutal heat, so I must be doing something right!  Plus, for some reason, I'm wired for the heat so to speak.  Don't get me wrong, I don't relish running around in 105 heat index heat, but I'm also smart enough not to run around the apartment complex like a mad man at 3pm either. 

I've made a new friend in the past week.  Actually it started off innocently enough last Sunday when I noticed my neighbor was painting some shelves when I got back from my leadership meeting.  I walked into the apartment and told Ginger I was going to go down and see if he needed any help.  Kissed my lovely wife and proceeded down.  Usually one of two things happens, they either want help or they want to do it themselves, especially if you don't know them.  Well, I walked down, we knew each other already by seeing each other in the morning, and told him hey, I paint for a living, need some help with that?  With an enthusiastic yes, and I do mean enthusiastic, he took me up on my offer.  So I went and got my brush (yes, I'm one of those painters that has certain tools that I use, you get comfortable, you know how they work) and we proceeded to get those shelves painted!  It was a perfect opportunity for us to begin talking as well.  Of course Ginger had already talked with him and his wife earlier, so they already had a little 411 on me already.  We both love God, which came out rather quickly, and we are both, well, artsy.  His artsy is more visible than my artsy but it also gave us more to talk about, and I was able to share a snap shot of my life and he his.  My artwork has taken me into the world of tattoo's so he asked if I was ever going to get one.  Never say never, but I've always said I'd only get one if I designed it myself, and I haven't been in that scene in a while.  (Mom is rejoicing!)   I'm pretty open now with my testimony, chalk it up to giving a mini testimony every week, so he definitely got to hear how God has moved in my life.   I had to go upstairs for something and I told Ginger I was having fun and Ginger asks, "How did he meet his wife?"  Um, I don't know.  Thought never crossed my mind to ask.  I know what kind of books he likes, art he likes, you know guy stuff.  So I had a mission now.  I went back down and told him, hey my wife wants to know how you and your wife met?  He laughed and said his wife was the same way.  He'd meet someone and not ask all the detail questions that wives apparently want to know.  We got a big chuckle out of this.  Wives want the details especially relationship wise.   It's okay, Ginger tells me all the time she's happy I'm a boy.  Heck, I'm glad I'm a boy and she's a girl, or there are some serious matters to discuss!  I digress, as usual.  We got the job done and from what I hear the shelves are looking good.  It was nice to be able to help someone out and get to know the neighbors. 

Tonight is Ginger and I's date night.  We do this weekly and for us it is an important and relaxing time to just spend with each other and have some fun.  Tonight we are going to see some of our best friends Amanda and Brandon and little Chloe!!!!  She is a doll.  It's going to be fun to spend time with our close friends and just laugh.  Brandon and I talking about Amanda and Ginger and vice versa!  All of this while being in the same room and carrying on our own conversations!  It's a sight!  Until we stop talking to listen to the girls!  Of course, tonight will be all about little Chloe and how things are going.  Fun times! 

Ginger and I are doing wonderful and more in love than ever.  Ginger has been working out alot and eating healthy and the results are showing.  I'm very proud of her.  I can't believe how beautiful a wife I have, both inside and out.  I am truly blessed and thankful that I have such a gorgeous, beautiful, loyal, God loving wife.  So there ya have it, life continues to happen on this roller coaster of my life and I am holding my hands in the air, screaming like a banshee, and having the time of my life.


P.S. I have gotten sooooooooooooo many comments on my short hair!

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