Testimony Last Night!

So last night we have an incredible testimony at CR.  It had something for both Ginger and I, as Janie talked not only about eating disorder's but addiction as well.  You know, sometimes I've looked at my own past, my own "bottom of the well" and thought, man could it have gotten any worse?  Then you listen to a testimony of someone who had 17 warrants and a 1.5 million dollar bond on her head, and you realize that yes, indeed, it could have gotten worse, and she is only 27!   We had things in common, however, especially her family being behind her now, and just wanting her better as she struggled. 

Of course Ginger could relate to the eating disorder, having struggled with self image for so many years.  And when Ginger was diagnosed with bipolar and her medication caused weight gain, well, the image that she held of herself was crushed.  But at that point the choice was between health or weight, and health won out.  Ginger still struggles at times with battling between her "former" self and who she is now.  There have been times she has been mad at bipolar, even God, and just wished she could go back to who she was then.  But as I tell her, if she was who she was then, I'd of never met her, or even if I had I wouldn't have been her type, I was in a different circle.  But being in the common circle of Celebrate Recovery, we met, became best friends, and fell in love!  But as with me, Ginger's family was behind her and just wanted her better too!  They tried everything they could (as did my parents), and through the pain and struggle we've found victory through God and recovery.

The fact is Ginger is gorgeous.  I mean, to me, drop dead gorgeous.  And I make sure to tell her that as often as I can.  Can I say this without offending (when did that ever stop me...) she has all the right curves I tell her.  Ginger, of course, is trying to lose weight now, and I support her in it, because she is doing it for her.  God has been with her in this process.  It hasn't been a dramatic lost.  God works in different ways than ours sometimes.   It started with giving up sweets (she is over 6 months from having dessert).    Then we began changing our diet (yes, our).  We eat more chicken.  I've come up with recipes that are healthier, and Ginger is cooking her lunches, or eating salads at work.  She is running!  Right now, on the treadmill, she works out about 45 minutes, running a minute or so, then jogging or fast walking, and so on.  I'm so proud of her.  She's slimming down (she doesn't see it, but everyone else does, especially me...), gaining muscle now.  Sometimes, for her, it doesn't seem fast enough, but it is an exercise in patience at times.  It's trusting God, making sure her motives are right, and again, I want to help her in anyway I can.

Ginger says she's an open book.  She doesn't want people to think she's perfect or has it all together.  She want's people to know that she does struggle.  For example, we are watching Biggest Loser finale.  As she says, it is good and bad.  She sees all these people that look "perfect" and there is some discouragement.  On the other hand, it is a motivator for her to do what she is doing.  Because how many other people out there struggle with self image or weight?  She wants her story told.  But that can make you vulnerable, as she says, and that is a battle that even I have struggled with.  But if either one of us can help one person, just one person, then making ourselves vulnerable is worth it.

We listen to these testimonies and stand amazed.  Broken lives made new, all because of one decision, turning to Jesus Christ.  And I stand firm on this, I married the most beautiful girl in the world in my eyes and no matter what weight or size she is, she is and will always be the most beautiful to me.


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