Our first anniversary!

Okay Mom, I get the hint, you want more posts! I can still hear Dad laughing....Okay, here we go!

A year ago today I married my best friend, my soulmate, my one and only. It has been a wonderful year and one of the best in my life. I never really understood the binding of two into one in a spiritual sense until I wed my beautiful wife Ginger. We were truly made for each other.

So let me tell you about our little adventure yesterday at Walmart. We had received a CD from the photographer containing our wedding photo's. These pictures were ours to do what we wished. So we go to make pictures to put in an album and put up in our rooms in the apartment. 67 to be exact. So we spend about 40 minutes getting them printed out (Ginger had made a list of the pics she wanted, 67 out of 728 isn't bad!). We get them printed out, take them to the counter to pay for them and the young kid (I can say this, I was twice his age) looks at the top one and asks if these were professionally done. Well, yes, we have the CD, they are from our wedding. He proceeds to tell us he cannot sell us the pictures without a copyright form from the photographer. He even calls someone, who tells him the same thing. Well I'm floored. Ginger, of course is looking crestfallen, and her anxiety begins. I keep my cool, tell him to hold them, and I have Ginger call her Mom to get the photographer's number. Let me interject something here. Ginger let me handle this. In the past, with other..um..people, I'd of had someone butting in, getting ugly, etc. Not Ginger, she let me handle it, which I appreciate so muc. We begin our other shopping. Ginger gets a hold of the photographer's mother at the studio and treats her rather rudely. Now I'm...um...peeved. Oh, I'd love to call the woman and give her a peace of my mind, Ginger's anxiety is escalating as the woman has told her the CD is ours and they have no idea what this form is. Well, I go back to the counter and tell the kid this on just a feeling that said go back. He says wait, he'll ask his manager what to do. I've stayed calm, I'm level headed, and I wait. The young woman comes up and he talks to her. She walks over, grabs the photos and proceeds to ring them up. She says, they are from our wedding, no problem, she can see we are the people in the photos. She was nice, we thank her for being gracious, and the kid even comes up and apologizes. I tell him he was doing his job, of course he is looking at my wife and can see she is visibly upset. But God helped us through it, and we got our pictures. By the time we got home and Ginger was able to start putting the pictures in frames, etc. her anxiety was gone and happy times were back. It took patience, and almost an hour and a half to get our pictures, but in the end we had our memories, and an experience that we will never forget! Ginger called the photographer's mother back to tell her we had the pics, again very abrupt, and I so so wanted to give the woman a piece of my mind, but it would have accomplished nothing except let me vent. I'm reminded of the verse, don't repay evil with evil, so I just chalk it up to someone having a bad day and move on.

This experience was a snap shot of one of the reasons I love Ginger so. She let me handle it. She didn't try to take the reigns herself, or sidestep how I handled it, she trusts me. I very well could have easily have gotten ugly, mad, etc., but that would have escalated Ginger's anxiety further. God was with us the whole way, and Ginger was praying while I was taking care of it. That is the definition of a helpmate, a supporting wife to her husband. There is no fight for control or for authority over the household, she is the definition of a wife devoted to her husband.

So the night was wonderful. When we got home I went out to prepare for Ginger's surprise for our anniversary. I came back in and she stayed in the bedroom or hall for the most part while I prepared dinner and the dining room. I hung red Christmas lights in the dining room and I had a string leading from the bedroom to the dining room. I prepared chicken caliente, with salad, I had flowers and new candles on the dining table and paper place mats I'd found at Micheal's. So when all was ready, and it was dark, I turned on the Christmas lights in the living room, in the dining room and lit the candles. Then I turned off the lights and brought Ginger, led by the lights into the dining room. Her card was on her plate, and I'll say she loved it. She loves my creativity, and I was able to bring a little of that artist out! We ate dinner and then watched her favorite movie, The Holiday. We made memories (stopping there Mom!!!!). It is a day we'll never forget, and today, well, thanks to my mum and dad, we get to eat out tonight, which is very nice and a big help (even if I let my pride get in the way a little bit...thank ya'll)!

I'm blessed, beyond measure, and I just wanted ya'll to share in the bit of joy of a union God ordained..Thanks for all for sharing in our love...


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