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Christmas has finally made it, and we actually got a cold and blustery Christmas, though no snow.  Now my parents, they got snow, like 10 inches worth.  This has been a magical Christmas for Ginger and I on several accounts. 

The first is obvious, the birth of our Savior.  We have always kept this at the forefront of our minds and have not let the materialistic flair of the world get us so enraptured that we forget why we celebrate this holiday in the first place.  (yes, I came up with that all on my own).  Yes, presents are nice and we love being around family and eating too much, etc., but let us remember that CHRIST is in Christmas, and is at the front of Christmas.  We had a wonderful service at church last night, the start of one of Ginger and I's own traditions.

We have been able to capture the magic of Christmas from our parents house into our own home.  Mind you, this is no small feat.  It is not something you can just create.  You can buy the tree, the ornaments, a bunch of presents, and lots of food, and still not have the spirit that is prevalent in the homes of our wonderful parents.  It is born of love for each other and more importantly of God, who knitted our family together.  When God brings two people together there is an evidence that is intangible and as we walk towards God, He brings us together and gives us moments, like these, that we cherish.  It's not about how big the tree is (remember Charlie Brown's tree?), how much you spend on presents, or even how many lights you have.  The magic is made by God, the fruit of the Spirit, the joy and peace and love that we have in our wonderful home. 

As far as presents, we had more fun giving presents to each other than receiving.  Watching the sparkle in Ginger's eye as she opened her gifts, well, that was a gift in itself.  It wasn't the amount that the gift was, it was the love that went into giving the gift.  And Jesus, mind you, gave us the ultimate gift, salvation.  And I have to think that He gets such great joy when we get it, and receive that gift.  Salvation first, the second greatest gift I have received is my beautiful wife.  Yes, I dote on her ALOT.  I make no apologies, I love her so dearly and I get to see my gift each Christmas. 

It was fun to go over to see family, and have dinner, and be with everyone.  In the end, we wanted to come back to our own piece of Christmas and spend it together.  The lights shining, the smell of our noble fir prevailing in the apartment, we just enjoy the time we get to spend with each other celebrating this union that God has made.  It is a Christmas to remember, one in which we give thanks to God for so many things. 

I hope each of you had a wonderful Christmas,

A peaceful baa.......

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