Another Wedding!!

Well last night we were able to go to another friends wedding. It was a beautiful wedding. The bride is tiawanese, so during the course of the reception they had a traditional tea ceremony, the first I'd been to, and it was fascinating to watch how another culture celebrates the covenant of God between too people.

It was also a time to put to practice my last post. Poison Ivy. It just so happens, unknown to Ginger and I, they were serving wine at the wedding. We were with two friends of Ginger's who'd gotten married about a year ago, so we had a couple we could make small talk with and have a good time. Of course, they, not being alcoholic, had wine. Now that is not a bad thing, not everyone is an alcoholic, and I don't expect everyone to make accomodations for me because I am. My recovery is my responsibility, and if I am tempted in such a situation it is up to me to listen to the prompting of God if He gives instruction on how to handle the situation.

I'm happy to report that there were no major problems with it, with Ginger and I. Of course, we had a plan. We stayed by each other. Not because we didn't trust the other, but because it is smart to have your closest accountibility partner by you when you are around something that is dangerous to you. We talked with our friends, we ate good food, we enjoyed the wedding, and we left very sober. Once all the festivities were done, and people decided to really drink and dance, we left.

Plus, I always ask myself what would it cost you. If your in recovery and your reading this, this is a good question to ask. What would it cost? Or what could it cost? In the short term, that one glass would lead to two, then I'd want to sneak off to get more, and then there is the drive home. Going to jail if we are stopped? Does it seem silly to go through these scenarios in my mind? Not to me. It helps me not take that first drink. Plus, in addiction as long as I was, I did this so many times I lost count. It is how I relapsed so many times. I didn't think, what would this cost me, I thought I want this feeling now. I've talked to several people where that has happened.

I started this blog with really no purpose in mind but to write, since I love writing. In the process it has become a blog about how I as a recovering addict stay sober and walk the Christian life. There are examples, practical ways I handle temptation, and plenty of references to how awesome a God I have and how He helps me with all the above. Will I ever have a million viewers? Doesn't really matter to me. If that is what God wants, He'll make it happen. If it helps one person, just one person, stay sober, then God has used it successfully. And I realize that after writing Poison Ivy, that God is helping me, giving me things before hand that I can use later. So in that, it has been a success.

In less than a week my mum and dad will be down here with Ginger and I for the weekend. Can't tell you how excited I am. We get to celebrate our mom's birthday's (they are two days apart), and they are looking as young as ever! I won't tell you their age (do women ever share their age?), I will say they don't look a day over 40! Can't wait to show my parents my 8 year chip, and our lovely apartment and how Ginger has just taken over the household. I'm a blessed man. My wife is like a priceless jewel, well beyond worth, and beautiful well beyond the beauty of any jewel. I spent a lifetime looking for a treasure like her and God took me to the right spot, at the right time, to find her. And I treasure her. Can't wait for next week, her and my mom will be chatting away with her Mom and I'll be able to sit back, smile, and be thankful to God...

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